Coping with one-child parents is not just about adjusting pensions

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This year the national two sessions, the National People’s Congress, Shandong three arrow Labor Management Co., LTD. Paint class leader Chen Xueping suggested to provide the only child elderly parents pension subsidies, encourage the establishment of the only child parents nursing home, in the policy of pension on the basis of the pension, the only child parents pension float 10-20%,Parents of only children who have reached retirement age will be allowed to live and work in other places.With the financial support of the government, the old-age insurance funds for elderly rural parents with only child will be appropriately raised.In the comments section of “We suggest that the pension of parents with only child should be raised by 10-20%”, many netizens expressed their support. “We must face up to the pension problem of only child.”The one-child policy was written into the Constitution in 1978, and now the first batch of only children are in their 40s, while their parents are in their old age.When parents are getting old and need to take care of them, especially when parents are sick, sometimes a person is really at a loss for time, energy and money.Under the special family structure of “421”, the children who had been loved all over suddenly grew up to be adults under great pressure to support them, so that they cried out collectively: “Dare not to die, dare not to travel far, especially want to make money, because I am the only parent”.Most one-child families have limited wealth accumulation due to the soaring cost of education, financial support for the marriage house, and subsidies for grandchildren to raise their grandchildren. The only child couples in their old age mainly rely on pensions.In addition, the elderly and the sick, medical expenses are also growing, if the serious illness also need children’s subsidies, will inevitably appear in the family economic difficulties.Can not help but think of a “flu under the Beijing middle-aged” article, has caused countless people resonance.The hero has a house in Beijing, a car, a successful career, in the eyes of others, he is not poor in the middle class.But a bout of flu in his father-in-law almost wiped out his family.Within 29 days of his father-in-law’s illness, the son-in-law used all his social connections and even sold his house in his hometown to bear the ICU treatment cost of 20,000 yuan a day, but his father-in-law still didn’t get better.Depending on the family’s financial situation, the whole family can go out for 50 days at most, which is the case for middle class, let alone ordinary people.Middle age only child, the most afraid to hear the news of parents sick, parents sick like a time bomb, ready to destroy a family years of efforts and accumulation.At the same time, shidu bereaved families and disabled families are a kind of “special families” after the implementation of the family planning policy. Especially, shidu bereaved families will face irretrievable losses in investment, utility, emotion and other aspects, and their parents often fall into emotional closure and social disconnection. Their pension has become a serious social problem.To deal with the one-child family pension problem, it is necessary to strengthen the top-level system design, improve the one-child family pension service policy system, improve the one-child family pension policy research, planning, supervision and implementation.From the point of view of specific policies, we should implement universal preferential policies for the pension of parents from families with only children, and effectively reduce the economic pressure of families with only children. For example, we should provide a unified national pension subsidy for elderly parents of only children, and encourage the establishment of nursing homes for parents of only children with preferential policies in finance, taxation and land use.We will significantly increase the fees for only children and the rewards for parents of only children when they retire, establish a special pension fund for families of only children, and allow parents of only children who have reached the retirement age to work and live in other places.The setting sun is infinitely good, and the world is heavy.At present, there are more than 250 million people aged 60 and above in China.It is not only the duty of children, but also the common responsibility of the whole society to ensure that all the elderly are provided for, supported, entertained and secure in their old age.(Source: · Orient Express review)