Tricia Altman’s March magazine intelligence map summary, ray Gross exclusive one page

2022-04-23 0 By

Recently in around the Ottoman caleb was also found when ultraman taken magazine intelligence figure in March, we together and see it is the first ray gross altman one-man show, as a ZuoLong right tiger altman, its strength and popularity really to be reckoned with, before the formal’s debut on the big screen, it has been in the two stage,And it’s always going to be C bits.It seems the authorities are also making efforts to make it the next Syro Altman.Followed by red eye trey and altman zeta war scenes, zeta altman here is no doubt to control the game LeiBuLuo, after it is caleb and evil trey, common fight against the darkness trey and trey azzah, altman, here you can see the black zeta altman also very tough, strong type directly to trey and altman, according to the hammer on the ground.Finally, there is the intelligence about the evil Terika Ultraman. Here, the official title is the new Giant of Light. It seems that its setting is the same as that of the evil Diga, and the ontology is the giant of light, even if it is blinded by evil, and there is an essential difference from the previous dark Giant.