Chinese Ambassador to Botswana Wang Xuefeng attended the distribution ceremony of “Spring Festival Bags”

2022-04-24 0 By

On January 21, the Chinese Embassy in Botswana held a ceremony to distribute Chinese New Year bags. Ambassador Wang Xuefeng, Minister Counsellor Guo Zhenguang, Business Counsellor Yang Xunlei and other diplomats and representatives of Overseas Chinese in Botswana attended the ceremony.Ambassador Wang xuefeng extended his sincere holiday greetings and best wishes to compatriots in Botswana, saying that since the outbreak of COVID-19, the Party and government have always been concerned about the health and safety of compatriots overseas.At present, Botswana is still facing a severe epidemic situation. In order to help compatriots in Botswana with difficulties to strengthen protection against the epidemic and celebrate the Spring Festival safely, the Chinese Embassy has prepared the “Spring Festival Bags”. We invite you to assist in distributing them in a timely manner, so as to convey the care and care of the CPC and the government to you as soon as possible.Xue-feng wang ambassador says that “the Spring Festival package” with masks, disinfectant, in the New Year greeting CARDS, and security reminder manual Spring Festival couplets and gift bag design elements into the Spring Festival and the Beijing games, also printed the “Chinese consular” APP qr code and embassy WeChat public qr code, is full of thick NianWeiEr, and convenient access to all kinds of consular service information of overseas Chinese,It carries the warm care and New Year wishes of the motherland to compatriots in Botswana, and conveys full confidence in defeating the epidemic.With the strong support of the Embassy, the enhanced vaccination of the COVID-19 vaccine for Chinese nationals in Botswana will also begin soon, which is another protection for the health and safety of Chinese nationals in Botswana before the Spring Festival.As the Spring Festival is approaching, I once again remind you to take precautions against the epidemic, strictly abide by local epidemic prevention and control regulations, do not gather when it is not necessary, and earnestly protect the health and safety of yourself and your family.Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the Chinese Embassy has distributed “Spring Festival bags” and “heart-warming bags” many times, and promoted the “Spring Seedling Operation”. Even though they are far away from home, they have truly felt the warmth and care of the great motherland.I sincerely thank the Chinese Embassy for organizing the distribution of “Spring Festival bags” on the occasion of the Spring Festival in the Year of the Tiger. All overseas Chinese groups will work together to deliver the care of the Party and the government to our Compatriots in Botswana as soon as possible.END