Do you really consider your workplace your home

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At work, to describe some people love their jobs, often heard a sentence is so-and-so as home.For example, teachers are said to take the school as their home, soldiers as their home, doctors as their hospital as their home, and enterprises as their home. Some even regard this as staff norms or corporate culture, and constantly conduct education, guidance and cultivation.Practice, in all walks of life emerged a large number of the model of the unit, these people really take units as home, concentrate on work, want to work, do business, because of the unit, often because of work could not, almost all their energy on work, to use on the unit construction, no holidays, no double cease day,You spend more time at work than at home.Even if such people are not in the unit, they think about work at home. They imprint the idea of taking so-and-so as home in their bones, without education or guidance, and know what they are doing.Such a phenomenon should be encouraged and advocated, because it is the need of construction and development. With such spirit and energy, people still worry about bad work and bad ethos of their units. It is impossible to do well and unrealistic to think about bad ethos.In sharp contrast to this, some only put this as a slogan shouted, “to so-and-so as home, and a common fate”, the slogan is very loud, the gap is very big.This gap is manifested in many ways, to say the simplest, but also the most basic phenomenon.Said some people before and after the Spring Festival is what to do with the unit, do not say how much contribution, also don’t say what, alone in this matter, say researchers in rate according to the national legal January 31 solstice time on February 6, is the Spring Festival holiday, the holiday time will work normally, normal work is the most basic personnel should arrive in place, a special exception.From the media reports, most units are doing a good job, and the work arrangement is also very slow. Many commissions and bureaus in the small town of my hometown are holding meetings on the afternoon of January 30, with staff on duty. It seems that there is no way to see the Spring Festival holiday.Of course, the unit situation is different, some before the Spring Festival is very busy, some before and after the Spring Festival things are not much, the arrangement is relatively flexible, usually everyone is very busy, take the opportunity to provide some convenience to subordinates is also in common sense, so more humanized, but also more in line with the reality.To this, some very good processing, although the unit has such flexible arrangements, but also still to work as heavy, something all right to the unit to turn a look, the work at hand should be handled in a timely manner, the flexibility when rigid, very strict requirements for their own.Some are completely different, can calculate to seize an opportunity, use flexibility flexibly, this it doesn’t matter, also idea is oneself “create” rest condition, a few days in advance before section string rest, connect with long vacation, after section find a reason to make up rest again, inside and outside a holiday can rest more than 20 days.More interesting is that some of the seventh day have already arrived, see the status quo and returned home to rest.This may be the arrangement of the unit, there is nothing wrong with saying.When see a lot of in the post unknown to the public when the comrade is thinking, at ordinary times not all say with the unit is the home, this is with the unit is the performance of the home, all the way to the unit came back again, this why, really have something to go back to also go, what matter did not have for “cooperate” flexible work to return desirable?Accept false accept heart, don’t shout again with “so and so as home” this slogan, a Spring Festival in the light and dark are more than 20 days not on duty, this call what unit as home?The above is only a personal point of view, please correct any inappropriate.I hope it helps you and many others.Teachers and friends interested in this topic can pay attention to, can forward, can leave a message below, discuss, discuss and comment.Thank you very much!Note: the picture is from the Internet and has nothing to do with the article.