How about the quality of ride-hailing service?Shenzhen will carry out credibility assessment on platforms and drivers

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Shenzhen’s communications bureau has found 160 illegal apps and 396 problems since last year, and launched a privacy compliance check on ride-hailing apps in the city, according to the transport bureau in response to suggestions from deputies to the municipal people’s Congress.In addition, online car hailing platforms and drivers will carry out annual service quality credibility assessment.With the introduction of online taxi booking (hereinafter referred to as online ride-hailing) into the urban transportation system, the development of online ride-hailing has been encouraged and standardized, and the service level has been continuously improved, providing a brand new choice for the public to travel.Now in shenzhen has been in accordance with the law license, including drops travel, such as organizers transport, cao cao, a total of 27 network about car platform in deep operations, issued by the network to make an appointment the taxi transport more than 60000 copies, issued by the “booking taxi driver’s license for more than 160000 copies, from 36 centres (municipality directly under the central government, provincial capitals, cities under separate state planning),Shenzhen is firmly in the top 5 in China in terms of the number of online ride-hailing vehicle permits.Although shenzhen road network density to 9.6 km/km2 36 central cities in the country’s first, but it has more than 350 of car ownership in the ultra still overburdened urban road capacity, and the net around the car as a useful supplement, spread the city public traffic in the road resource usage, similar industry operating characteristics, personnel management of taxi operation,But there is no reference to the cruise operation taxi management.To this end, during the two sessions of Shenzhen last year, Sun Xiaoguang, a representative of the Municipal People’s Congress, suggested that the supervision and evaluation of the online car hailing industry be strengthened.Suggested that organization department in charge of industry, experts and scholars about car industry standard, we will further improve the network of driver, vehicle and platform for network about car special provisions for the administration, promoting the healthy development of the market at the same time introducing multiple subject building professional evaluation system, on a regular basis by the passengers, departments, staff and other operation evaluation, to promote industry from passive regulation to active management change.The increasing number of online ride-hailing cars occupy certain road resources, but the obligations they undertake cannot fully match the rights they enjoy. In particular, the appearance of online ride-hailing cars does not have clear requirements, and the punishment for road occupancy can only refer to existing laws and regulations, while the industry norms have not been established.It is suggested to build a comprehensive law enforcement platform for the supervision of the online ride-hailing market. For the top offenders of the online ride-hailing management platform on a monthly basis, the punishment of platform companies should be increased, and the management of online ride-hailing management platform on drivers should be further strengthened.At the same time, a comprehensive management mechanism should be established for online ride-hailing drivers in terms of employment review, process supervision and integrity evaluation to ensure that employees are not out of control, properly managed and well managed.Department reply From the data transmission, safety operation, service level, good deeds, and many other dimensions Shenzhen city transport department, from the enterprise management, data transmission, security operations, service level, social stability, good deeds, such as multiple dimensions, on net platform about car and driver to carry out the annual service quality credit evaluation,The results of the preliminary assessment will be published to the public through the official website of the Municipal Transport Bureau and the relevant wechat official account, the online car-hailing supervision platform, newspapers and other media channels to enhance the publicity of the preliminary assessment results, and be reported to the Provincial Transport Department and the Ministry of Transport for review, and enhance the authority of the assessment results.In addition, the introduction of the third party agencies such as the main body, through the questionnaire survey way to carry out industry such as the driver and passenger satisfaction evaluation, and through the city traffic related transportation WeChat public, industry, will be released relevant information, and the insufficient help platform finds itself in time management and optimize the management, promote its by passive regulation to active management change.Cooperate with the traffic police department take the lead in “hidden danger stop the single” condominium system was introduced Shenzhen transport authorities also said that with the traffic police department first to launch the “hidden trouble stop single” condominium system, will all network operating in deep about car drivers as the management object, set up illegal early-warning prompt, hidden danger stop the single and the red line bottom line level 3 management system, deepen the net police cooperation about the car industry,To provide better and safer services for citizens, drivers who commit serious traffic violations, such as drunk driving, drunk driving, driving without a license and escaping from accidents, will be disqualified from operation and will be required to permanently stop issuing tickets to online ride-hailing platforms.Incorporate the network information security practitioners pre-service training For further enhancing the web about car network data security defense line, city public security bureau strict with each net about car platform in use of the web site, the core business system, mobile applications, etc in accordance with the provisions of the network security law “and other laws and regulations, to carry out the level of protection system,On the basis of the fact that 21 ride-hailing platforms in the city have completed the filing of security protection measures such as anti-attack, anti-tampering and anti-intrusion, other platforms will continue to implement the filing work.Since 2019, Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau has identified more than 11,000 databases connected to the Shenzhen Network, found and removed 397 security vulnerabilities that can lead to data leakage, involving more than 800 million pieces of data from 201 databases, and continuously strengthened efforts to crack down on the whole chain of citizens’ personal information illegal and criminal activities through the “Net” action.A number of typical cases with social influence have been solved.Adhering to the working idea of “technology management combined with technology network”, Shenzhen Communication Bureau has built an APP situation awareness platform, gathering data of 158,002 APP versions, 48,257 APP applications, 125.6 million APP operators and 22 APP APP stores in the city to conduct grid statistical analysis and security situation awareness of APP.Since last year, 420 apps from 216 enterprises in The city have been checked, and a total of 160 illegal apps and 396 problems have been found. A special privacy compliance check has been carried out on Shenzhen ride-hailing apps, and a Notice of Disposal of illegal apps has been issued to operators of illegal apps.APP operators who fail to complete rectification within the specified time will be dealt with by comprehensive measures such as social notification, removal of shelves and administrative punishment.The bureau said it will urge ride-hailing platforms to include online information security in their pre-job training, comprehensively publicize the country’s legal systems, policies and standards on personal information protection and data security, and raise the industry’s awareness of the bottom line of information security.Nandu reporter Zhang Xiaoling statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: