Jinan People’s Hospital has improved its services to enhance people’s medical experience

2022-04-24 0 By

Recently, Jinan People’s Hospital for the masses to see a doctor blocked points, difficulties, pain points, further improve service standards, improve service efficiency and service level, and strive to solve practical problems for the masses, to achieve the masses of medical experience greatly improved.We will improve the level of diagnosis and treatment and create a leading position in medical treatment.Through extensive cooperation with experts from well-known hospitals across the country, the hospital continues to improve the handling capacity of all kinds of acute and severe diseases, so that the majority of patients can enjoy the national top medical services without running around.”Smart medical care” enables information to run more and the masses to run less.The hospital gives full play to the role of informatization in the whole medical field and process, and focuses on optimizing the medical service process and improving the service quality, making it more convenient and efficient for the general public to see a doctor.At the same time, we will lead high-quality development through Party building, bring health care to people’s doorsteps through free medical consultations, and effectively serve people’s health.Source: Dazhong Daily