List announced!Hefei firefighters won this award!

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There is a belief in the test of daoshanhuohai more determined is a kind of spirit in the refined through fire and water exchange more bright again and again to jianghuai battle baptism with their youthful blood guard the peace and tranquility of the earth on February 14, in the afternoon, in anhui province held fire rescue team released the top ten best fire guard jianghuai and celebration ceremony.Lujiang County fire rescue brigade two fire fighters Li Junjie was commended.”Top ten fire guard of jianghuai chuzhou nanqiao DE sheng road, fire fighting and rescue standing secondary fire Wang Yuan tongling city zongyang horizontal port town full-time fire rescue station level 3 fire long liu maanshan huashan district HongQiQiao fire rescue station political instructor the exemption cultivated the dormant in hefei city fire rescue station secondary fire and dicky Tian Jiaan area of huainan city fire rescue brigade open political instructorsPeak huangshan scenic spot soup fire rescue station level 3 fire fire rescue team yicheng jay huang anqing city road long secret fire rescue station secondary fire long xu to fuyang guotai fire rescue station level 3 fire long Yang road open new qing xuan xuanzhou city area road of huoshan county fire rescue station government regarding luan full-time firefighter jin-guo wang p.i river road fire and fire rescue station 4 wang rui the recognition alsoChen Lu, the former political instructor of lujiang County Fire rescue Brigade in Hefei, was awarded the “Jianghuai Top Ten Fire Guards Special Award”.”Top ten fire guard of jianghuai special award” in hefei lujiang county fire rescue brigade original political instructor martyrs maanshan lu Chen rain mountain mountain fire rescue station to former vice adsense pendry martyrs bozhou city mengcheng qi mountain fire rescue station original level 3 fire and Chen martyrs of the recognition of 10 “jianghuai top 10 fire guard” and three “top ten fire guard of jianghuai special award of” advanced typicalIn China, there are not only soldiers in the field of duty training, but also models of serving the people.They are not only the benchmarking models rooted in the grassroots, but also the models of silent dedication. They are all outstanding representatives of the provincial fire rescue teams learning and practicing the spirit of the precepts and faithfully performing their duties and missions.On the morning of February 15, Lujiang Fire rescue Brigade held the welcome ceremony of “Jianghuai Top Ten Fire Guards”.Li Junjie was born in April 1993, a member of the Communist Party of China. He joined the army in December 2011. He is a second-class firefighter, serving as deputy chief of Hefei Fire rescue Detachment Lucheng Fire Rescue Station.In the past ten years, Li junjie has participated in more than 2000 fire fighting and rescue missions. He has won the second-class merit award once and the third-class merit award four times successively, and has been rated as a training model by the Ministry and Bureau. He has participated in detachment, corps and national competition for many times and achieved excellent results.Give it a thumbs up if you think it’s good