New MAZDA CX-5 200,000 class preferred

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We had been trying to figure out what we wanted to deliver with the new MAZDA CX-5 for a decade, like old friends.It is believed that almost all users who are waiting to buy, have bought or even changed their cars several times have a very clear understanding of the Mazda brand.Look at the MAZDA brand and understand the new MAZDA CX-5. Behind the three ICONS of “Soul Design”, “Chuangchi Blue Sky” and “One Horse and One Horse”, MAZDA CX-5 is still a MAZDA brand that insists on making cars for drivers and has endless driving fun.However, in the depths of China’s auto market, which is undergoing rapid changes, there are few false propositions that fiercely impact the values of car buying, such as the new MAZDA CX-5, which “has gone through thousands of sails and never fallen into a blue cloud”.The role setting, 200,000 level of the most preferred Japanese joint venture, 200,000 range compact SUV, such a role setting is bound to face the market and users of countless times with the same level, in this case, the new MAZDA CX-5 as “200,000 level of the most preferred” is bound to face some competitors.Among them, the most need to face is the old brand of Japanese – Toyota and Honda, the model choice is also known as GAC Toyota Veranda and GaC Honda Hao Shadow.The vast majority of consumers choose cars, are generally determined after the model level of brand choice and product data, configuration comparison, the selection is in line with the “practical” and “affordable” to go.With the selection of top matching models, price, power, configuration of horizontal comparison, naturally can see this account clearly.The new MAZDA CX-5 can give customers competitive advantages in price, configuration, power, space and other dimensions.(Compared with gaC Toyota Veranda/GAC Honda Hoyo, the new MAZDA CX-5 has many outstanding advantages.) Let’s talk about why the new MAZDA CX-5 is the best choice for the 200,000-class compact SUV based on the differences in various aspects.Through the comparison of the above chart, it is not difficult to find that the price of the new MAZDA CX-5 is 1000 yuan and 10000 yuan more expensive than that of the other two models, which are pure fuel vehicles with four-wheel drive top configuration. The comparison of the body size and the two core parameters of the gearbox is not all advantageous.But a closer look at the data tells a different story.The new MAZDA CX-5, with a 2700mm wheelbase, doesn’t need an oversized body size to justify the practicality of riding and storage, especially for Japanese brands with superior mechanical space.(GaC Toyota Veranda 2690mm wheelbase, GAC Honda Hao Ying2660mm wheelbase) and then, there is the 6AT gearbox that is not much in stock on the market at present, which is also known as the most intelligent gearbox in the 200,000-300000 range.After leaving The Ford Mazda brand, Trands Blue Sky engine technology made a breakthrough. At that time, THE CVT gearbox could not better adapt to this advanced engine technology, and Mazda independently developed 6AT gearbox came into being.”Full speed domain locking technology” brings nearly perfect speed shifting experience;”TCM autonomous learning technology”, through the collection of drivers’ usual driving habits and driving style, and then write into the gearbox, further optimize the gearbox shift logic, can better adapt to the driver’s driving habits;The existence of “forced shift switch” can better improve the vehicle’s handling, understand the driver’s intention, and truly implement Mazda’s control concept of “the car moves at will, the horse and the horse as one”.The advantages of 6AT gearbox are not repeated here, but this point alone is enough to make up the price disadvantage of 10,000 yuan, but its value is far more than this.The new MAZDA CX-5 has opted out of some of the more mundane features, but what that leaves for its users will be discussed later.The configuration of these “virtual” includes the interior atmosphere light that will not be used frequently, the automatic parking that can be used in the environment and seldom used, and the shift dial that is more form than substance.To sum up, the new MAZDA CX-5 has the advantages of price, power, configuration and space.Return to the driving itself, product experience is the core sports kit emerge in endlessly, performance car threshold significantly reduced;The relentless use of superficial and formalistic marketing practices to label products as “younger”;Homogenous design with the cloak of differentiation.In my opinion, “young”, “sporty” and “differentiation” in design are really false propositions, or at least a very narrow definition, for a car, especially a compact SUV of 200,000-class Japanese series that pays more attention to balance.Based on this, the new MAZDA CX-5 product concept is more realistic and more in line with the above three needs of consumers.And compared with the other two models, in today’s market, its real product performance is also more recognized by consumers.In terms of the most basic design, the new MAZDA CX-5’s soul design is the core existence of differentiation from the current stage of the “mainstream” car design. In fact, there is no need to say more, but the “new” must be some different.The soul appearance of the new MAZDA CX-5 has achieved seven evolution, including the new design of the intake grille, the new design of the logo wings, the new design of the front and rear bumpers, the new design of the front and rear combined headlights, the new aluminum alloy wheels, the new design of the trapezoidal tail door decoration, the new color of the body.As a starting point for subtraction aesthetics, the designers of the new MAZDA CX-5 made the new car look refined by cutting down on the new soul design.Even under the premise of differentiated design, youth and sporty design, or under the more subjective aesthetic standards, as direct competitors, GAC Toyota Veranda and GAC Honda Haoying are obviously inferior to the new MAZDA CX-5 in terms of design.The former is complicated, and the latter is a long way from the classic CR-V.Compared and the authenticity of movement, is more easily identify, even to be sure about this movement of three performance or driving control must be one of the best car CX – new MAZDA 5, after all, the other two models from the predecessor to the cash never summoned or focus on the spread of the motion performance of their products, have also limited to a false dichotomy.From the real user portrait and user reputation, these two cars do not have enough outstanding driving and control performance, but Mazda brand “car at will, horse and horse together” driving and control concept has long been famous.The new MAZDA CX-5 is based on the GVC PLUS (Acceleration Vector Control System) upgrade and i-Activ AWD intelligent four-wheel drive system to further improve ride stability.The new MAZDA CX-5’s off-road capabilities as an urban SUV have been unlocked, greatly increasing the car’s playability and driving scenarios.Mazda’s simplicity is even reflected in its handling, which is reminiscent of the porsche 911 of today.While more people who love driving prefer the original 911 to the driving machine that takes care of everything for you, not all users have the same interest and driving ability.All a new, more populist MAZDA CX-5 needs to be big is to make it easier for its owners to drive.GVC PLUS (Acceleration vector control system) will detect the driver’s control of the steering wheel in real time. When entering a corner, it can optimize the load of the front wheel by micro-controlling the engine torque, improve the grip and responsiveness of the front wheel, actively and effectively control the body posture, and make the action of entering and passing a corner more smooth and comfortable.Avoid excessive steering and improve stability.Simply put, MAZDA brand models CX – and, of course, the new MAZDA 5 gives users of driving pleasure, is actually in the difficulty coefficient of high driving conditions are more likely to take your car, make used old hands feel comfortable, let experience fewer drivers more easy to use, rather than the pursuit of course version of limit driving.The most convincing thing about Mazda is that every technology or concept put forward by this brand is worthy of users’ trust and appreciation.This remark was prepared for the addition of i-Activ AWD intelligent four-wheel drive and the addition of off-road Traction Assist for the new MAZDA CX-5.While the MAZDA CX-5 has offered four-wheel-drive versions to its owners since its launch, it is unique to the new MAZDA CX-5 to highlight the off-road capabilities of the new MAZDA CX-5.Traction Assist the four-wheel top with i-Activ AWD and the addition of off-road Traction Assist to the new MAZDA CX-5 can lock the two wheels when they skid unilaterally or on both sides, so that the cross axle can be released.For an SUV driven in a major city, the improvement of off-road capability will undoubtedly expand the practical functions.Although gaC Toyota Veranda is equipped with the function of steep slope and gentle descent among the three products of the same level, it is basically impossible for the three cars to open a very large gap in the cross-country ability based on the previous cross-country ability test and positioning of the two models.But belong to the same city SUV, also is the front timely four-wheel drive, Guangqi Honda Hao Ying’s off-road ability is relatively weak, there are two reasons.The four-wheel drive system of Hao Ying is based on front-wheel drive, the central differential is electronically controlled multi-plate clutch, and the wheel slip limit is realized by electronic braking.The 1.5T engine carried by the vehicle itself has relatively weak power, and its matching CVT gearbox has low transmission efficiency. Coupled with the protection mechanism of the gearbox, the engine is difficult to pull to a high RPM, so the torque on the wheels will be poor, and in fact, it is difficult to give full play to the excellent off-road capability.DTV dynamic torque vector control four-wheel drive system of gaC Toyota Veranda fuel engine is not absolute advantage compared with i-Activ AWD intelligent four-wheel drive system of new MAZDA CX-5 and its additional off-road Traction Assist system.The biggest difference with the most common four-wheel drive structure is that two connecting shaft devices are introduced on the left and right sides of the rear axle, which can make the vehicle independently control the left and right power torque stepless distribution, the maximum torque distribution ratio reaches 0:100~100:0, thus enhancing the cross-country passing ability.The DTV dynamic torque vector control has almost the same functionality as the new MAZDA CX-5 and GVC PLUS upgrades, which provide better handling through torque vector control, but are definitely better than the latter.For Mazda, a brand with strong emotional resonance, it is believed that more emotional words will be more easily recognized by readers.Perhaps it would be easier to convey how different the new MAZDA CX-5 feels to drive, and make it even more appealing to today’s diverse consumer base.But chose to use a more objective, the price of the cold, data and technology, with level to judge a few models present a sense of value, because the level of itself to choose 200000 compact SUV users want is practical, more substantial price they want to use better choice to open car, riding in a car is more comfortable, more practical car configuration.With the arrival of the new MAZDA CX-5, the new upgraded “soul design”, the higher level of “Centaur Integration”, will bring its users more than expected, more real high-quality car experience.