Pingshan traffic police opened up a green channel to escort patients to medical treatment

2022-04-24 0 By

On February 10, 2022, Ms. Sun, a citizen, sent a banner with the words “serve the people show true colors and escort warm hearts” to Zhao Lianxi, a policeman of Pingshan Traffic Police Brigade, Benxi Public Security Bureau. She expressed her heartfelt thanks to the traffic police for opening a green channel to escort her elderly people to medical treatment.Originally, at 9:47 on January 30, Benxi traffic police Pingshan brigade police Zhao Lianxi, auxiliary police Lin Fushan in the south traffic post on duty, encountered people for emergency help, said that there was a patient in the car abdominal pain in need of emergency medical treatment, traffic police for help.On the 28th day of the twelfth lunar month, the shopping flow and traffic flow of each section of the city before the festival are large, police Zhao Lianxi immediately reported to the detachment command center, the green wave regulation of each section along the line, the dispatch of police along the road priority to ensure the passage of vehicles.Then the police drove the police car in front of the road, lit up the lights, sirens sounded, all the way to shout, command vehicles along the way to avoid, for the patient to get through the “green channel”.Time is life, under the escort of the police, it only took 3 minutes to send the patient to bensteel General Hospital for treatment.In bengang General Hospital, the police carrying the patient to the hospital related departments for examination, treatment, until the patient out of danger before leaving.