【 Spring Festival holiday travel safety tips 】 Driving halfhearted, danger is imminent

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Distracted driving refers to a phenomenon in which attention is directed to activities unrelated to normal driving, resulting in impaired driving ability.Dongguan traffic police remind: when driving, please drivers focus on the front, do not play mobile phones, smoking, eating, etc., do not distracted driving.Distracted driving is dangerous!▌ The effect of distracted driving on the driver: ✎ HongKong Yueshui Sing sing.Distracted driving will cause drivers to delay or even fail to receive important traffic information at all when receiving it.Constract decision delay.Distracted driving can cause a driver to delay taking normal action, or to missteer, throttle, and brake in a panic.▌ Take using a mobile phone while driving: How to avoid distracted driving?▌ These actions must not be taken while driving!▌ When driving an unfamiliar vehicle, familiarize yourself with the features and equipment of the vehicle in advance.Adjust all motor vehicle control equipment and rearview mirrors, radio channels and CDS in advance;Check maps, use GPS navigation devices, and plan your route ahead of time.✎ driving process, avoid the use of mobile phone calls, send and receive SMS, if you must phone calls, please use headphones, hands-free function, it is best to secure parking after use;While driving, avoid smoking, eating or drinking, and don’t engage in complicated or emotional conversations with passengers.In addition, you can choose to leave as early as possible to allow yourself plenty of time.