After the world preliminary match between The National football team and Vietnam, the fans strongly suggested that the four should go home and rest

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On February 1st, Beijing time, The Chinese national football team lost to the Vietnamese men’s football team, which left all the fans speechless.Vietnam scored two goals in the first 20 minutes of the game.Although there was no possibility of China reaching the World Cup before the start of the tournament, losing to a team of Vietnam’s level by such a score and process was really an unacceptable thing.After the game, many fans said it was too late to say more.But fans have suggested that the four should go home and rest.Li Xiaopeng should definitely go home to rest, he coached the results of the two games are not as good as li Tie before.If you lose 2-0 to Japan, you can call someone like Lo Kuofu Akerson who missed the game for personal reasons.Then this game lost to Vietnam, you really have no face to find excuses.I don’t know what Li Xiaopeng is doing in this month, so I think the fans’ suggestion that Li Xiaopeng go home and rest is reasonable to some extent.As the captain of the National football team, Wu Xi got a yellow card in the first 5 minutes, which is really not supposed.In addition to disrupting the rhythm of the match, Wu xi will be suspended for one match for accumulating two yellow cards, ruling him out of the next match against Saudi Arabia.Wu xi’s first yellow card came in the second match against Japan.Obviously, Wu can go home and rest. He won’t be able to play in the next match anyway, and there’s nothing unreasonable about the fans’ advice.Third: Wu Lei although the record of the national football team is in a complete mess, but there is one, the individual performance of Wu Lei is still commendable.He is by far the most prolific scorer in the Asian qualifying tournament.Wu Lei came to this set to contribute to his war, not to practice.Obviously, he has done enough, but for now, there is really no need for Wu lei to continue training with the soldiers.As he turns 30, he should be putting the rest of his tank to better use.The name of Zhang Linpeng is very familiar to all of us. Now he is 32 years old. We can see that zhang Linpeng often has some unsatisfactory scenes due to physical reasons in the final 12 of this world Preliminary competition.After losing to Vietnam, The National football team doesn’t need any face anymore.So fans suggested that Zhang go home to rest and give more playing opportunities to younger players.