The exhibition will end at 12:00 noon on 28th, we invite you to give your thumbs up to the children

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Tianmu News trainee reporter Chen Tangdi “double reduction” policy is implemented, children’s growth space increases, the family can do more, how to accompany children, high-quality interaction with children, let children have a good childhood is a compulsory lesson for every parent.How to explore the educational view of excellent parents can be understood by watching the excellent works exhibition of “Double Minus” Good Life Winter Vacation Photos on the tiantian News channel.Recently, initiated by the Education Department of Zhejiang Province and undertaken by Tianmu News client, the series of short video contest of “‘ Double Reduction ‘Good Life Winter Vacation casual shooting” has ended online soliciting, and excellent works will be displayed online from February 22 to 12 o ‘clock on February 28.(Click the link to enter the exhibition page) Within 5 days after the launch, children and parents were enthusiastic about the participation. As of 8:30 on February 27, 32,633 people and 277,330 likes had participated in the participation.”‘ Double reduction ‘good life winter vacation with photos” series of short video competition since January 14, launched, zhejiang province education departments and teachers and students, parents, extensive attention and active participation.As of 24:00 on February 20, 49,215 entries have been received within 38 days, and the number of likes on the topic of # Winter Vacation Snap has reached 33.849 million.According to the competition requirements of taking short videos in winter vacation, we selected 1000 excellent works from 11 districts and cities in Zhejiang to enter the online exhibition and broadcasting link in combination with the quality of works, the number of likes and comments.In children’s winter vacation life, running, cycling, roller skating, kicking a ball, rope skipping and other sports are quite popular, reading, calligraphy, handcraft and other cultural activities are also required courses.These activities are not divided into urban and rural areas, regardless of the family economic situation, can let the child in the body strong, delicate up in the mind, rich up in the spirit.We’ve received a lot of inquiries from parents over the past few days, and the answers to some of the questions are explained at the bottom of the display page, under “Activities”, “likes” and “rankings”, which you can browse.Parents can do the following to like their children’s works: 1. Download and register by searching “Tianmu News” in the app store.2. Open Tianmu News and see the floating window of “Winter vacation photo exhibition” in the lower right corner to directly enter the page.3. Enter “Winter Vacation photos with you” in the upper search bar, enter the related articles of “Excellent Works Exhibition”, click the link to enter the page and click “like”.4. Enter the display page, enter the keyword of the work or the name of the child in the search bar, and the corresponding video will automatically appear. Click “Like”.5. You can click “like” once a day. You must select 8 works each time.If you have any questions during the voting process, you can call 0571-85311764 (9:00-12:00, 13:30-17:30). We will answer them patiently.(Click the link to enter the exhibition page) “Do not reprint without permission”