This makes peanuts, not only adults love to eat, children also love to eat

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This makes peanuts, not only adults love to eat, children also love to eat.In a New Year approaches, god beast cage, a month of winter vacation, natural need to prepare a lot of good things to eat, my children follow father, is not only to eat, and also for the complaining, he said that he often buy snacks additives too much, I do not good, in order to let the children to eat healthily, satisfied, mother had to myself, anyway, always raining recently,It is not convenient to go out, so it is better to cook food for the children at home.My kids love crispy multi-flavored peanuts, and I make them several times a month. The way to make multi-flavored peanuts is very simple, you don’t need to boil or fry them, you just put them in a pot with syrup, put them in syrup and stir-fry them. Today, I’m going to introduce the multi-flavored peanuts.Peanuts bought back simple pick, do not have chloasma, may not be good, peanuts washed with water to drain water, on the plate baking flat.Bake the peanuts in the middle of the oven at 150 degrees for 20 minutes, without preheating the oven, until the skin is a little broken, then remove and cool. If you don’t have an oven, put the peanuts in a wok and fry them until they peel.Place cold peanuts in a plastic bottle and shake them for 2 minutes until the skins gently peel off. Sieve them out with a vegetable basket.Without water or sugar in the pot, cook over high heat until the sugar dissolves, then simmer over low heat until the sugar bubbles in syrup.Put the powder in the pot, I use the spicy taste, like the spicy taste can add some pepper powder.Quickly combine the hot pot dipping powder and syrup and heat over the lowest heat.Add the peeled peanuts and stir-fry them quickly for 2-3 minutes, coating one peanut with syrup if possible.Fry to the pot powder crystal, turn off the fire continued to fry 1 minutes, peanuts from the fire out, turn the sand fry sugar, make it crisp and delicious multi flavor peanuts, the first month guests are also good.Keep them cool in plastic wrap or an airtight jar to avoid moisture. Grab a few at every turn. One cup and a half peanuts, put them in the pot.Add 2 tablespoons of pickles in peanut, not boiled cannot fry, smell very sweet very brittle, guests have face New Year, today we share the idea of many kinds of peanut, do you like it, if you like sharing today’s content, can collect, transfer, pay attention to coldness, see more food diaries, coldness by original food, using beer!