Folk tale: the doll inexplicably missing, the police helpless, passing carpenter accidentally found clues

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In ancient times, it was in a small town located 30 miles east of Jiaxian.There was a young man in coarse cloth, limping along, with a toolbox slung over his left shoulder.It was noon. Sweating profusedly, he went to a tree and took out the gourd hanging around his waist and lifted the cork to his mouth.To drink water to quench thirst, but only a few drops of water out of the gourd.He looked around for some water.Suddenly, he saw a house not far away with its door ajar and chased it away.He came to the door and knocked softly.”Is anyone home?” he asked.I am a passing carpenter. I am thirsty on my way, and I want some water.”After a while, a woman came out.The woman saw a young carpenter standing in the doorway with a limp face and a friendly smile.The man was Yang Shan, a carpenter who was going to Luoyang Jindao Mountain Villa.Yang Shan yi: “this sister-in-law, I am really thirsty, I want to ask for some water to drink, this venture to disturb you, please forgive me.”The woman saw his forehead sweating, a pair of dusty appearance, one by one said: “brother wait a moment, I will pour a cup of tea for you.”Yang Shan grateful way: “that thanks a lot.”After a while, the woman brought a bowl of tea and handed it to Yang Shan.Yang Shan said thanks, then after the grunt to drink up.After drinking, he returned the bowl to the woman.Yang Shan saw the woman’s face with sadness, the corner of his eyes faint tears.Hence ask a way: “elder sister-in-law, you this is how?But if you’re in trouble, let me know, and I’ll help if I can.”Perhaps Yang Shan had mentioned her sorrow, and the woman covered her face and sobbed.The woman wept and said: “A few days ago, my son inexplicably disappeared.My husband died of illness last year, and we are the only family left. My son is my lifeblood.Now the son is missing, alive or dead.My poor baby ah, he is only eight years old this year, I do not know which kill thousands of knives, so cruel to take him in the middle of the night.”The more she spoke, the louder she cried.Suddenly, a loud drink spread: “wicked, dare to bully my elder sister, see recruit.”Yang Shan turned to look, I saw a young butcher, carrying a pig knife rushed over.And this man is sharp, as fast as the wind, as fast as electricity.Yang Shan busy display “phantom nine steps” to avoid, dodge side shouted: “this brother you misunderstood, I did not bully people?”Just then, a loud voice called out, “Stop it! Aren’t you afraid of the law when you fight in the street?”Hearing this, they looked to their left and saw a policeman running towards them.The woman also shouted: “Brother, you misunderstood.He is a passing carpenter, and has only come to ask for water.”The butcher took the knife and said to Yang Shan, “This brother, I am sorry that I misunderstood you.Ever since my brother-in-law died, there have been people trying to bully their widows and orphans.Just saw my sister cry, I thought you bullied her, really sorry.”Yang Shan said: “Since it is a misunderstanding, that calculate.But I advise brothers, do not be so impulsive in the future.Your sharp knife use, if I hadn’t dodged, you almost accidentally shot.What kind of cutting are you using?”The butcher clapped his hands and said, “My parents died early, and my sister brought me up, so I can’t bear to see my sister wronged.I’m sorry I acted too impulsively just now.You’re right. I’ll pay attention.I was taught this skill by a wandering old monk, and I don’t know what it is called.”When the woman saw the police coming, she asked urgently, “Detective Li, have you heard from my son?”Lee shook his head. “Not yet,” he said. “Eight families in this town have lost their children, but the thief hasn’t left a trace.The other dolls, like yours, were stolen in the middle of the night.I suspect it was some high-flying quack. If so, it would be very difficult for us, who only know a little boxing, to catch them.Unless we have the help of an expert, we may be able to track down the missing dolls.”The butcher surprised way: “elder sister, my nephew he, was carried off by the person?”The woman nodded sadly.The butcher said angrily, “Is that thief so bold as to take my nephew?Caught by me, I will let him taste my pig knife.”Yang shan said: “Now the first thing is to find the thief, to find out where the thief is holding the doll, in order to successfully capture the thief to save.””The carpenter is right,” said the inspector, “but it’s hard to do without the help of the quack.”Yang Shan arch hand way: “although I am a carpenter, but also know a little kung fu, can also be reckoned as a man in rivers and lakes.Detective Li, if you need me, please do your bidding.””Good,” li nodded.The butcher also said, “Although I am a butcher, I have been taught martial arts by a superior person.Go ahead, Li.””The eight dolls were all boys and were all seven or eight years old,” Li said.And I did some research, and I learned that one thing in common, these dolls are amazing bones, good seeds for martial arts.How exactly did the thieves find the dolls’ homes and take them?”A few people thought there for a while, also have no clue.Detective Li left because he was busy with business.Yang Shan felt the grace of the woman water, decided to stay to find out the matter, rescued those missing dolls.He knew it was no use brooding here, but to walk around and see if he could find anything useful.Yang Shan said to the brother and sister and left.He was walking around town alone. Suddenly, he saw many people in front of a big house. He went to check.He found some men dressed as family members distributing rice to the people.Yang Shan asked about it and found out what was going on.It turned out that there had been no rain for several months, and the people’s harvest of crops was low.Being a good man, Wu bought a batch of grain and distributed it to the people in the town.Who has more people send more, less people send less.So all the people, families of men and women, old and young, came together to receive rice.Suddenly, Yang Shan accidentally sidelong to see a family member, to get the rice of a seven or eight years old boy is very enthusiastic, but also clap shoulder, but also pinch hands and feet, kua boy is really strong.Yang Shan see this scene, dark call way: “this is not the river’s lake in ‘touch bone method’?”After the boy and his family left, Yang Shan winked at the man in coarse linen.Big man quietly followed in the boy’s baby family behind, Yang Shan saw, also quietly followed up.The big man saw the boy went into a house, looked at the boy’s home, and then quietly left.After Yang Shan sees, in the heart already clear.When you leave, go find Detective Lee and the butcher.Several men came to the woman’s house to discuss.Yang Shan told them what she had seen.He asked Inspector Li, “How is General Wu usually?”Mr. Li replied, “Mr. Wu is a good samaritan. he is really a good samaritan.””If that’s the case, he was coerced.Use the method of distributing rice, let the men, women and children of the town to get rice.Then use ‘bone method’ to check out which doll is suitable for martial arts, and then send people to track, at night to capture the doll.Tell you what, I’ll sneak into Mr. Wu’s house at night and see if I can find out where the doll is being held.”They both nodded in agreement.In the evening, there were three people whispering under a big tree near Wu’s house.A moment later, a limping person, display “phantom nine steps”, the body as ghosts flew into the house.He looked around, saw a light in a room, saw several figures through the window, and crept towards them.He punched a hole in the window and saw three men dressed as family members sitting on chairs. Wu, on the other hand, was standing by like a servant.The leader said, “Mr. Wu, as long as you help us finish this task with all your heart, you will be given your son back.We always keep our promises at the Night Palace.”Mr Wu nodded sadly.The first man said to the other two: “Today we found three dolls with surprising bones and took them captive.That makes eleven, just enough to complete the task assigned above.Let’s do it now.”Yang Shan busy jumped on the roof to escape, secret way: “the original is the night palace people in trouble.”Then he quickly went back to the tree.In a moment, he saw three men dressed in night clothes leaving Wu’s house.Yang Shan said: “we three people respectively track a black dress person, remember not to alarm the snake, have to track them to the place where the doll can start.”Li kuai looked ashamed and said, “I won’t do anything lightly. You go and follow me. I’ll stay here.”So Yang Shan and the butcher, respectively, chose a black man, tracking and go.In the darkness, figures in front and behind jumped to and fro on the roof.Yang Shan tracked a black man, came to a family in the small yard.The man in black came to a window and took out a small bamboo from his waist.Stick one end of the bamboo into the window and blow it with your mouth.Moments later, the man in black entered through the window, and in a moment he came out of the door carrying a doll.Then, with a light effort, he flew south.Yang Shan sees this and continues to follow.After a cup of tea, the man in black entered a house outside the town.Yang Shan gently jumped on the roof, slowly uncovered a tile, look inside the situation.There were nine children inside, and two men in black were whispering.After a while, two more men in black came into the room carrying the child.At this time the butcher also came to Yang Shan’s side, small voice way: “can start?”Yang Shan nodded and said, “Go in later. You protect the children and I’ll deal with the four men in black.”The butcher nodded his head in agreement.They looked at each other, stomped on the roof, and smashed two holes.Two people fall from the sky, black men quenched.The two went to the child first to protect him.The leader of the black men said angrily, “Who are you?Are you impatient to meddle with the affairs of our night palace?”Yang Shan sneered: “You night palace evil, everyone must punish them.Today let you see, my dragon Yin sword.”Finish finish, pulled out wrapped in the waist of the dragon chant sword.Seeing this, four men in black pulled out their knives and rushed over to him.Yang Shan dancing soft sword to meet up, there is a slight voice of the dragon chant.For a time, see people dazzled.After a dozen rounds, Yang Shan shouted, “Dragon travels everywhere.”I saw his body such as swimming dragon general, kept in the four people around the walk, the sword potential such as waves like erratic change.For a moment, four people in black, was solved by Yang Shan three, there is a point.Yang Shan ask black dress person: “are you dark night palace that part?”The man in black was silent.Yang Shan said, “As long as you answer my questions well, I will let you go, and I will not go back on my word.”The man in black remained silent.Yang Shan sneer way: “If you don’t say, I will use the branch sinew on river’s lake wrong bone hand to deal with you.I think you know what it’s like. It’s a living hell.”The man in black looked frightened when he heard the words.So he said, “I belong to the Blue Guards of the Night Palace.”Yang Shan asked, “How many guards are there in your night palace, and how many important people are there above?”The man in black answered, “We have eight guards in the night palace. They are red, yellow, blue, green, orange, purple, and the last one is the night guard.Above are the four lords of the Law, and above are the vice-lord and the Lord.I’m just a minor in the green guards. I really don’t know anything else.”Yang Shan asked, “Then why do you catch these dolls?”Black person answer way: “of course is for our dark night palace, cultivate reserve force.”Yang Shan said: “Very good, you so straightforward answer, then I will set you free.”Yang Shan wasted the black man’s martial arts, he will be released.One of the boys ran up to the butcher and shouted, “Uncle, you have come to my rescue at last.”The butcher asked with concern, “Xiao Bao, are you not hurt?”The boy turned around and replied, “I’m not hurt.”Yang Shan and the butcher put the dolls, sent to the county government, to Li, let Li sent them home.When the woman saw her son coming back, she was very grateful to Yang Shan.This matter, Yang Shan took leave to leave.He was not far out of town when the butcher caught up with him.”Wait, brother Carpenter,” he cried.Yang Shan asked, “Brother butcher, what’s the matter?”The butcher clapped his hands and said, “Xiaoqi hong, I want to go to Luoyang Jindao Villa to see the fun.I see the carpenter brother is also heading towards Luoyang. I suppose he is also going there to watch the fun.”Yang Shan replied, “Yes, I Yang Shan.”So they walked together.(End of the ninth chapter, wonderful story and see the next decomposition, the following chapter will be updated in the creation of the previous chapter we can enter the author’s home page to watch) the author said: this is a long serialized story, the title of “the Carpenter”.It is mainly about a carpenter to save his mother’s life, during which he will encounter many disasters.Although the hero experienced a variety of hardships, but can always maintain a kind heart, finally successfully rescued his mother to find the truth.