New Year’s Eve, the old “6 traditions” can not be forgotten, to avoid good intentions do bad things, meaning more good luck

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New Year’s Eve is of special significance in the hearts of Chinese people. It is the most important day at the end of the year.”New Year’s Eve” in the “except” word is “to;Xi: alternate “meaning, New Year’s Eve means” month poor old do “, people have to welcome the old, there is the old so far and in addition, the next year for another New Year.New Year’s Eve, is the beginning of a year, a year of reunion, a year of hope, a year of waiting, in the evening of New Year’s Eve, both men and women, old and young, will be brightly lit, get together to stay up, each room to brightly lit, called “fire”, it is said that after the age of so, the next year home will be rich.Of course, in this important and sacred day, there are a lot of pay attention to, today we will talk about, the old man often said that the New Year’s Eve “three not empty, three not out” respectively refers to what, hidden in the great wisdom of the people can know more about it.”New Year’s eve, don’t be poor next year” refers to the lamp is not empty, not empty pan, no room available for one, the New Year’s eve is not empty lamp this custom originated from a legend, in ancient times have a bandit, every New Year’s day, looted, will go down into people’s homes in order to identify, in robbed people point a lamp in the home, did not want to be a wise old woman to see through,Disaster was averted.After the people in the village know, every New Year’s Eve that day will light a lamp, to avoid disaster to avoid disaster, over a long time then spread into the folk customs, this may be the earliest shousui said.In ancient times, the kerosene lamp was lighted, which the poor people were willing to point for a night. In order not to be disturbed by bandits, they could only pick a twist every other moment to prevent the lamp from going out until dawn. Even if they were very poor, they would insist on keeping the lights on at home, which may be the earliest theory of shousui.In the New Year’s Eve this day, people in order to stay up in addition to the “Evening”, accustomed to the home lights on, each room to be brightly lit, it is said that after the age of so, will be the New Year’s Eve bad luck away, the next year home will be rich.Second, New Year’s eve is not empty pot “is not empty pot” New Year’s eve this custom among the people there is such a legend, the end of the yuan, natural disasters, land acquisition is serious, people living in hot water, in the Spring Festival is coming, zhu yuanzhang home also does not have anything to fill the stomach, but can’t see old mother starving seas, with an empty belly most of Chinese New Year.So, Zhu Yuanzhang decided to steal something to eat, he took advantage of the night on New Year’s Eve, even into several households, but each pot is empty, nothing, he wanted to take away the pot, on second thought and should not be so, and perfect back to zhao.Later, zhu yuanzhang do the emperor after he began to reign, and he recalled his New Year’s eve steal the pot back, think now there are many like he was poor, he is the monkey every New Year’s eve, every household in the pot is not empty, at least in the rice cooker put two buns, also can put some rice, dumplings, fat food such as chicken, duck, pig,Also gave this matter to a good wish, that is, every family in the New Year can have surplus grain full, don’t worry about eating and drinking, so, there is the “New Year’s Eve, not empty pot” custom.This custom means that the surplus grain from last year can be stored until this year, which means surplus every year. In this way, we hope that the next year will be rich, healthy, and full of food and clothing. It also symbolizes the good hope of “having surplus grain every year and living a rich life”.On New Year’s Eve when the home is empty, bad luck will stay inside and suck away some luck, wealth and good luck.New Year’s Eve is a reunion night, the family is to be lively and friendly, the next year will be lucky.Wealth not dilute “” New Year’s eve, the coming year, respectively, refers to the lamp is not eternal, exuberant immortalization, incense is out, there is a lamp is not destroyed in the ancient legend, on New Year’s eve this day will appear over the beast, the holiday and New Year’s eve is the name of the source so, get rid of this monster named” evening “, people will often brightly lit, all night not go out, to withstand the nien beast.With the accumulation of Spring Festival culture, it has become a tradition to keep the lights on on New Year’s Eve.Such a practice, to get to the bottom of it, is actually the worship of the light of our ancestors.Especially when it comes to the New Year, when the old year is out and the New Year is in, it is natural to light up all night to welcome a new beginning.The lights on New Year’s Eve do not extinguish all night, commonly known as “light year”.Whether shou Sui or not, do not turn off the lights in the house, to stay up all night, meaning a bright future next year.In the past, the fire in people’s homes will have been burning, until the fifth day of the first month, break five, meet the god of wealth, fire will be extinguished.And, most of the fire, not artificially extinguished, but by the fuel burned out, automatically extinguished, indicating a good year for the coming year.Many places, in the evening of the New Year’s Eve will light a prosperous fire, hope in the coming year’s life, will also want to bear the flame, prosperous and developed.On New Year’s Eve, we should offer sacrifices to our ancestors and welcome the New Year together.At the time of sacrifice, in addition to the tribute, incense is also not less, and can not be extinguished before twelve o ‘clock, to continue, such as the bell of twelve o ‘clock, and then offer a wick incense, out of the old and in the new, incense.Incense should not be extinguished on New Year’s Eve.This practice is mainly in order to bid farewell to the old year and usher in the new day, to pray to the ancestor gods, hoping that the next year’s life can be as long as their incense.New Year’s Eve, a lot of things actually its meaning is not in itself, but people give it some meaning, which has nothing to do with true or false, this is a kind of attention and tradition, but also we seek advantages and avoid disadvantages, a hope for a better life!What are the New Year’s Eve traditions in your hometown?Welcome to share in the comments below.