Whole province register 17 cases!Guangdong province strengthens ipr protection of Olympic symbols

2022-04-26 0 By

Gen/shenzhen commercial daily reporter in guangzhou Yao Jiali correspondent Guangdong city supervisor of the 2022 winter Olympic Games in Beijing is China’s important historical node important landmark activities, is the national image and promote national development, the important chance to rouse national spirit, to protect intellectual property rights of the Olympic logo is a good one of the most important aspects of the Beijing Olympics, winter paralympic games.Guangdong Market Supervision Administration (INTELLECTUAL Property Office) attaches great importance to the intellectual property protection of the Olympic logo.The state intellectual property office, state administration of market supervision and management of the special action plan after printing, guangdong first convey the learning organization, with the actual specific action in guangdong, actively carry out special training, and transfer the market regulation law enforcement power, rapid organization throughout the province to carry out the Olympic symbol protection special action,We will severely crack down on infringement of the exclusive rights of the Olympic symbols in accordance with the law, and create a good atmosphere for the successful hosting of the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics.Guangdong market regulatory authorities make full use of big data monitoring means such as 12345 complaint reporting platform, Guangdong Advertising supervision platform, national Internet advertising monitoring platform and mobile Internet advertising supervision platform to monitor traditional media and Internet media advertising.Province cumulative environmental law enforcement staff nearly person-times to radio stations and television stations, portals, social networking sites, since the media platform as the key point, strengthen the stylistic supplies, clothing shoes and hats, food and beverage, ice and snow equipment in key areas, such as alcohol, souvenirs, toys and other key commodity categories of illness, alleged infringement found clues article 51.Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other cities held clue analysis and case coordination meetings, quickly made work arrangements, organized law enforcement forces to investigate one by one the clues of suspected infringement of Olympic logo intellectual property cases transferred by the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee.Through big data analysis, The city of Zhongshan has carried out monitoring of Olympic and Paralympic logos on major e-commerce platforms, screening more than 2,300 Olympic-related commodities per time, and found 5 suspected infringement clues.So far, in the special rectification activities, the province has registered a total of 17 cases, has been investigated and dealt with in accordance with the law, co-existing fines and forfeits 456,000 yuan, timely and effectively curb the infringement of the Olympic logo exclusive rights.Next, market supervision bureau of guangdong province (intellectual property) will focus on Beijing Olympic and paralympic winter games phase protection of intellectual property rights of the Olympic logo, continue to carry out special law enforcement actions, strengthen the screening and early warning, timely clues to investigate alleged infringement, for the success of the Beijing Olympics and winter paralympic games create a good environment.Read: Yu Fanghua