If you could live your life over again, when would you want to go back?

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In the workplace, you’re doing your best and staying the same.You’ve made up your mind to improve yourself and you still haven’t;I still feel empty when I have a successful career.Do you feel like your life is not living up to your expectations?If you could do it all over again, when would you like to go back and start all over again?Jin Weichun, the author of Life is Only one Thing, answered: There is no need to start again. This moment is the best time of life!Jin weichun is the founder of Business Week, a Taiwanese business magazine, and has devoted himself to life education since stepping down as CEO of Shangzhou Group.Because of his father’s premature departure, Jin Weichun childhood was spent in the mother’s strict education, but the rebellion of teenager mother can’t make him feel soul back to home, until he began to reflect on his life, from amateur volunteers do full-time, do it all over the world from China Taiwan, through self practice complete the relationship with her mother.Only one thing in life is Jin Weichun volunteer life ten years of “spiritual diary”, the book tells us at the moment maybe is not the best state, and there may be a lot of flaws, but accept yourself, accept, accept all others, and constantly surpass themselves can see many different scenery of life.There is only one thing in life: how to live well?At different stages of life, there may be different answers.But we often find that with the increase of age, the original began to have more understanding of life, and life began to be more and more simple, in the dictionary of life gradually only two words: live well!The success or failure of life is mostly achieved in a variety of relationships. Getting along well with colleagues is more likely to lead to a sense of achievement at work, and getting along well with family is more likely to lead to happiness.There are two thoughts directly related to fulfillment and happiness in relationships: “Do I want to be with you?” and “Do I want to be like you?”Take getting along with children, if the child in parent-child relationship wants to stay with you, want to be like you, then the child at this time is very happy, safe;We are also practicing the right teaching of love and example.Living well in relationships and getting people to want to be with you is the most important thing in life.So, “there is no other thing in life but to live well.If you’re busy doing something else, you’re just worrying about nothing.”It’s easy to be surrounded by anxiety, such as children’s homework procrastination, problems or frustrations at work, increased stress in life…Being haunted by these problems will feel more and more frustrated in life.But are the problems we worry about really such a big problem?Maybe we just think too much, or maybe we just worry too much about the future.A short story between the author and his daughter may give us some inspiration and reflection.When a child needs to make a decision and comes to us for discussion, we often say we respect her decision, but in fact we constantly “hint” that she will do what we want.The end result may not be what we want the child to make a decision that is contrary to our wishes.If we obsess and dwell on it, negative emotions can arise.By not paying too much attention to your own thoughts, life can reduce the consumption of fearlessness and become more relaxed and meaningful.You see your friends send their kids to private schools, and you feel like your kids can’t fall behind.See colleagues and moved to a new house, oneself unwilling to also want to change a bigger and better house.Even if the high tuition, mortgage pressure but also in the teeth insist.In life, we are caught up in many of these “trends”, blindly following them and living the most comfortable life that is not suitable for us.Thinking about “life” and “life” with the mindset of “loving yourself” may lead us to find the way that works best for us.Let yourself empty a few, idle a few, give yourself a few simple rules to do things, live well.In the book “Life is Only One Thing”, the author uses his own experience and feelings to lead us to learn from “ME”, and constantly improve ourselves in family, workplace, leadership and enterprise development, so as to achieve a better self.# Womengrowth Treasure Book list #