Rich talented girl Zhang Ailing, why was the traitors and literati toyed with?Hu Lancheng: She doesn’t care that I have a wife

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February 1946, Wenzhou, a small hotel, one room.Eileen chang’s husband, Hu Lancheng, and a small widow sat opposite Eileen Chang.Watching her husband flirt with his “female guest”, Eileen Chang looked like an outsider.Seeing her husband’s complete disregard for her existence, Eileen Chang suggested a sketch of her husband’s “female guest.”However, when Eileen Chang drew the outline of the eyebrows and eyes of the female guest, the pen in her hand trembled and fell to the ground, and she could not continue to draw.After the “female guest” left, Hu Lancheng asked her: “Why did you suddenly stop painting?”Zhang Ailing said: “I see her and you between the eyebrows actually have a husband and wife.”Eileen Chang’s eyes looked expectantly at her husband, hoping that he would explode in anger and then contradict her and explain.However, Zhang Ailing was disappointed, her husband did not refute, did not explain, did not admit, just silent.Eileen Chang was dying.Who is young Zhang Ailing this “female guest”?What will Eileen Chang do next?Why would a talented girl marry such a heartless prodigal son, and connive at him to the point of having nothing to rely on?A “blockade”, opened hu Lancheng’s heart lock November 1943, Nanjing.Hu Lancheng is leisurely basking in the sun on a deck chair in the courtyard, while casually flipping through a magazine named “Heaven and Earth”.After seeing a novel column written by Zhang Ailing named “blockade”, Hu Lancheng, who relies on a pen to eat, was very excited in her heart: how could anyone in the world have such a talent?I don’t know how many times he read it for a long time immersed in it can not extricate himself, he took advantage of the power relations in his hands, immediately contacted the editor of “Heaven and Earth” magazine, and asked her what the name of Zhang Ailing is.Two months later, Hu lancheng took a train to Shanghai, went to tiandi magazine, asked the editor for Eileen Chang’s home address, and then decided to visit Eileen Chang.February 1944, Shanghai.Eileen Chang is at home for the magazine writing manuscript, suddenly, the apartment housekeeper sent a piece of paper, the paper said:”Mr Air in, rushed visit, did not see MengYun, also have a silly happy, leave Shanghai for a few days, hoping a Syria” in the thirties of the 20th century, Shanghai has been advocating known to early of zhang ailing, already is the most famous genius woman writer, literary world then, for the reader to send letters, she already is normal.But this was the first time she had seen a reader who came to her door and delivered a letter.So, involuntarily read the letter signed: “Hu Lancheng”.This name is not unfamiliar to Eileen Chang.Hu Lancheng, then the editor of The South China Daily in Hong Kong, later whitewashed Wang Ching-wei’s traitorous behavior by publishing a traitorous editorial during the most difficult period of the Anti-Japanese War, advocating the traitors’ theory of “reconciliation is not easy, but it is also necessary”.Get wang Ching-wei’s wife Chen Bijun’s appreciation next, ascend “south China Daily” chief editor becomes a culture traitors working for Wang Ching-wei formally.And zhang Ailing life among the most unbearable a paragraph of marriage, from Hu Lancheng sent this piece of paper began.Young Hu Lancheng saw the note, 23-year-old Zhang Ailing did not think about it, decided to see Hu Lancheng.So, always proud and cold Zhang Ailing, how easy to go to a man who has never met?As a matter of fact, Eileen Chang was just a representation to readers through her novels.At that time, Eileen Chang was still very young, and had been living a secluded life, usually most of the time at home writing, occasionally went to the magazine to deliver manuscripts.At this time, she did not know “traitors” this word represents the stakes.So, she dialed hu Lancheng left on the note of contact, a generation of talented women and a traitor literati so had the first intersection.The two agreed to meet the next day at Hu lancheng’s apartment in Meili Garden on Daxi Road in Shanghai.February 4, 1944, Shanghai, Meili Garden apartment.Before officially meeting Eileen Chang, Hu Lancheng paced up and down the room, looking nervous.Through a recent period of time to focus on understanding Zhang Ailing’s works., “he thought, zhang ailing can write all relationships-particularly those founded in the novel, fear and resentment, she must be an emotional experience is almost the same and their intellectual woman, as in the company of women of seasoning discharge wave son for many years, he knows that to win Eileen chang’s female writer, so who treated like other women to be with sweet words and sugar-coated cannonball certainly doesn’t work.At this time, Eileen Chang is also nervous at home.From the age of 13 to 17, Eileen Chang spent all her teenage years in St. Mary’s Girls’ School in Shanghai. She was surrounded by young girls like herself when she was in love. Therefore, she could only write her feelings into novels through words.After graduating from high school, 19-year-old Eileen Chang went to the University of Hong Kong to study. She lived a simple life of reading, writing and sleeping, and her emotional experience was blank.That afternoon, in an effort to appear more mature, Chang rummaged through her closet and found the otter coat she had not worn in a long time.Later, in the autobiography of blossoms cheerly, he recalls met zhang ailing’s first scene like this: “she’s clothes and are not, like the little girl family secretly in her mother’s clothes and high heels, she is more like a child, seventeen or eighteen years old, who, like a little girl on my way home from school, someone called her, she also ignore, just consider their own little charade.”Wearing a fur coat, Zhang, 24, looked like a high school student to Hu lancheng.Obviously, for hu Lancheng, a veteran in love, zhang Ailing at this time is a piece of white paper in front of him.A bold inquiry, tapping the ignorant girl’s heart in the past Hu Lancheng asked: “You now a month how much income?”Meet for the first time, ask somebody else girl income, if put now, estimate to send good person card directly.However, for Zhang Ailing, it is a special care.Why so imprudent inquiry, but will be so interpreted by Zhang Ailing?Zhang Ailing was born in a prominent family. Her grandfather was Zhang Peilun, a famous official at the end of the Qing Dynasty, who was the right hand man of the Emperor Guangxu. Her grandmother Li Juou was the daughter of Li Hongzhang, an important official at the end of the Qing Dynasty.However, Eileen Chang has a very unreliable father, Zhang Zhiyi.Relying on the accumulated wealth of his ancestors, the unreliable father is a master of all kinds of bad hobbies. His daily life is smoking big cigarettes and crazy brothels, and he even brings brothels back home.Zhang’s mother could not bear to be a trendy girl, so she got divorced when Zhang was 4 years old and went to Britain to study alone.Later, Zhang zhiyi married another daughter of a rich family, and the two were kindred spirits.Since then, The window of Eileen Chang’s childhood nightmare has also been opened.Zhang Ailing described her stepmother like this in her essay “Children’s Words without Fear” : “There was a time when she lived under the rule of her stepmother. Picking up the clothes she wore was just like suffering frostbite all over. Winter had passed, but she still had the scar of frostbite.Sometimes, a word does not stretch out his hand to hit, against the father will be beaten, scattered on the floor of the blue moonlight, always revealed quietly killing.”At the age of 17, Eileen Chang spent her birthday in the house arrest that her father had put in. This year, it happened to be the Battle of Shanghai, and the Japanese invaders bombed Shanghai. At the age of 17, Eileen Chang had an idea in her heart: “If the sky can drop a bomb, the whole family rushed to the Yellow River.”Therefore, the crazy men and women in the novel are more from Eileen Chang’s reading of a large number of books and her observation of people and things around her, rather than her own experience. Beneath the arrogant and cold appearance is actually a heart lacking of love.But Hu Lancheng’s sentence “how much do you pay a month”, but let Zhang Ailing feel more than 20 years have not had from a mature man’s life care, but also opened her long-frozen inner world.In the evening, Hu Lancheng saw Zhang Ailing home. They walked side by side on the road. Hu Lancheng said with a smile, “You are so tall, how can you do this?”Hearing this, Eileen Chang’s heart was like a deer thumping wildly. The implication of this sentence was “I like you”.However, as hu LAN, who has been crawling in the women’s pile for decades, will not be so direct to express, that is, to convey the love of love, but also to take into account the modesty of a girl, the discretion here can be described as delicate.In the face of this slightly frivolous confession, literary talent Zhang Ailing unexpectedly temporarily speechless, sorry again and again.Hu Lancheng understood that Zhang Ailing was already his man.In this way, Zhang Ailing fell in love with a person for the first time.Eileen Chang, 24, fell into a web that Hu had carefully woven for her.He likes everything about Hu Lancheng, eyes, nose, mouth, eyebrows, even just hearing Hu Lancheng’s name, are so happy and beautiful.On the back of a photo she gave hu Lancheng, she wrote: “Seeing him, she becomes very low, low to the dust, but her heart is happy, from the dust out of flowers.”Six months after they met, Hu divorced his third wife and married Eileen Chang instead.However, due to his traitors identity, two people did not hold a public wedding, just handwritten a paper marriage.The content reads: “Hu Lancheng and Eileen Chang signed a lifelong marriage, wish years quiet good, stable life.”The Prodigal Son reveals his Nature in Love, Autumn 1944, Wuhan.Two people married less than two months, running for the Japanese Hu Lancheng left Shanghai, not long, he madly fell in love with wuhan Hanyang hospital 17-year-old little nurse, and in a letter to Zhang Ailing he also told Zhang Ailing, want to take the little nurse as a concubine.After reading the letter, Eileen Chang chose to forgive. She had no other choice for her “Mr. Right”.However, soon Hu Lancheng with practical action to prove that, whether Zhang Ailing or small nurse worth while, will not be his last woman.Japan surrendered on August 15, 1945.Hu Lancheng knows that his own end will come.Then, he and the little nurse that got acquainted with 9 months is apart, pledge of solemn vows and pledges like when parting company, one day can come to receive her.However, when Hu fled to Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, he abandoned his promise to the young nurse and quickly fell in love with his rural classmate’s mother, the “guest” whom Eileen Chang sketched at the beginning of the article.However, he wrote to Eileen Chang to tell her that this was to cover his identity in the process of escape.Later, Hu Lancheng wrote in a letter to Eileen Chang: “Every time I use others, it is always a fake come true, one love I had to return her two love.”At this time, Zhang Ailing, even selling jewelry at home, to send living expenses to Hu Lancheng on the way to escape.In February 1946, Eileen Chang sold the last of her family’s gold and bought a ticket to Wenzhou.She intended to go to this, is to let Hu Lancheng change his mind, and then continue to live together with their own.However, appear in front of her is hu Lancheng and often accompany around the small widow.Eileen Chang blames her husband for the first time and asks him to choose between the little widow, the little nurse and her.Hu Lancheng said: “I treat you, there is no comparison between heaven and earth, if you have to choose, is not wronged you, also wronged her?”Zhang Ailing said: “when getting married, you have promised me this world safe, you have given me safe?”Hu Lancheng mumbled, only on the way: “Alas, this world barren!”At this time Zhang Ailing just understand, for a in the national crisis betrayed soul when traitors, escape on the road and betrayed feelings cheat women Hu Lancheng, turn back is a fantasy.After 20 days in Wenzhou, Eileen Chang left by boat.That day, the river was raining, Zhang Ailing looked at the river burst into tears, after returning to Shanghai, Zhang Wrote two screenplays “No Love” and “Long Live the Wife”, and then sent the two screenplays 300,000 yuan along with the divorce letter sent to Hu Lancheng.Since then, Hu Lancheng will completely disappear in Zhang Ailing’s life, only as her heart never heal scar.That year, Eileen Chang was 27 and Hu Lancheng 41.On September 1, 1995, at the age of 75, Eileen Chang fell asleep for good in her Los Angeles apartment.It was the Mid-Autumn Festival, a Chinese holiday for family reunion, but Eileen Chang was not with anyone.Conclusion: in zhang ailing’s short story “in the red roses and white roses have such a classic sentence:” maybe every man has all had such two women, marry a red rose, as time passes, red changed the wall with a mosquito blood, white or the window bright moon, married a white rose, white is the clothes on the sticky rice stick son, red cinnabar birthmark on his heart.”Some people say that Zhang Ailing is to see through the man, will write such whip cold thinking.However, this is not zhang Ailing’s true portrayal of his love suffering.Though she often tells readers that there is always someone waiting for you in the world, whenever and wherever you are.But, in the end, she could only console herself by saying: “Love is not worth asking.”(after)