They, tell the red story to more people

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“Among the blooming mountain flowers, we find you…”One day, yunnan China Tobacco Hongyun Honghe Tobacco (Group) Co., LTD. Honghe Cigarette factory logistics party general branch red propaganda group lecturer Gu Runjun in the theme of the Party day propaganda activities, with a clear and euphemic voice told zhang Guimei’s moving story, won the audience burst of applause.Red river cigarette factory logistics party general branch red propaganda group is a propaganda team composed of ten people.They are operators, warehouse managers…Step onto the podium, they are red story announcers, all have a common mission — to tell the red story to more people.In order to tell a good red story, the group has been working hard since the beginning of preparation at the end of 2020.In the selection of the character story, fully consider the speaker’s personality, expertise and experience, to maximize the use of personal advantages.The team will collect information to verify the accuracy of the multiple.The General Branch of the Party organized to carry out a number of trial speeches, a number of easy speeches, lecturers try to reach the standard before formal preaching.How to tell a good red story?Announcer Yang Jingmin opened a thick book, wandering in the long history of words gathered together, as if following the footsteps of the Red Army set foot on the journey of the brave.Closing the book, Yang Jingmin had the answer in her mind.When telling the legendary story of The heroine Zeng Zhi, publicist Zhang Wenyi always feels almost “taste”.In order to tell the story more vividly, she played back the film and television materials about Zeng Zhi over and over again, and put her multiple identities as a Party member, a woman and a mother into the history. She felt how great this woman was who struggled all her life on the road of revolution….Up to now, the red propaganda group has carried out more than 30 times of propaganda activities, will Yang Jingyu, Zeng Zhi, Deng Jiaxian, Yuan Longping, Zhang Guimei and other models of the red story to the general staff, to bring a spiritual baptism.”It is meaningful to convey the red story with my own voice and show the brightest color of my country.”Announcer Yin Rujin said deeply touched.Editor: Shan Xiaowen