Here are 4 unsolved Mysteries in China, each of them amazing. What is the truth?

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Hello everyone, I am Guanjun, recently on the Internet to see an article named, “China’s 200 years of unsolved mysteries”, then today to give you some inventory, those “mysterious” unsolved mysteries.Some of these unsolved mysteries are true, others are deliberate fabrications, or even folklore. We won’t defend this, but I will summarize the conclusions in favor of it, and you can judge for yourself how reliable they are.This number one, the oldest person in history.Speaking of longevity, this is everyone in the pursuit of things, but according to the analysis of scientists, the natural life of human beings should be 100 to 150 years old, that DO not know whether you know, our country’s oldest person is who?According to the annals of Yongtai County, Fujian Province, the man was Chen Jun, a man from Tangcheng. He was born in tang Loyal Years and Xin Chou years, and died in Dingjiazi, Yuan Loyal Year, that is, from 881 to 1324, and he lived 444 years, so why did Chen Jun live so long?This according to the rumor, there is a devil once wear life and death book rope broke, in a hurry, they tore a piece of paper from the book into a rope instead, this tear is The life and death of Chen Jun that piece.Therefore Chen Jun this can live so long, but the King of yama is a serious person, in order to find out this “omission”, he sent two children, become children, carrying a basket of black charcoal in the river wash.Chen Jun saw very curious, so ask: what are you doing at this time?The two kids say: washing the charcoal white.Chen Jun laughed and said, “I Chen Jun lived 444 years. I have never seen anyone who can wash black charcoal into white charcoal. So Chen Jun died at noon that day.Of course!This is just a folk legend, similar to the story of “Strange Tales from Liaozhai”, we should not take it seriously. A more scientific explanation is that there is a hot spring with excellent water quality in Chen Jun’s former residence, and the water temperature of this hot spring is as high as 73℃. Chen Jun’s longevity is probably related to his perennial soaking in this hot spring.But what kind of hot spring could keep someone alive for 400 years?Therefore, the vast majority of people do not believe this matter, and I checked the record “Yongtai County annals”, found that the record about Chen Jun, is recorded in yongtai County annals – wild history volume.What is wild history?As the name implies, it is written according to hearsay, myth, etc., some have truth, and some are to be investigated, so it is not credible that Chen Jun lived to 444 years old.The big bang, big bang Wang Gong Wang Gong factory factory also known as the apocalypse, the big bang it happens in May 1826 people at nine o ‘clock in the morning, it is said that on that day, the sky is clear, but the sky suddenly changed and Wang Gong factory near the powder magazine at the southwest corner of the city, a mushroom cloud in the sky are slowly rising, and increases gradually, with the spread of shock waves, the earth suddenly tremble,Many houses collapsed and more than 20,000 people were wiped out in an instant.Later, according to the investigation, this explosion, its radius is almost 750 meters, the area is up to 2.23 kilometers, tens of thousands of dead and injured people are naked, clothes are missing.That’s the biggest mystery. If gunpowder was the cause of the explosion, how did their clothes disappear?Some experts speculate that the shock wave from the explosion created a vacuum that caused the clothes to shatter.However, according to the records, people found that in the West hills of Beijing, the trees were covered with clothes, but also a lot of jewelry, silver and other utensils, and these are the items affected by the explosion, which also explains from the side, the suspects are not credible.So how did these items get to the western mountains, more than 10 kilometers away?No one can say for sure, and the explosion was too powerful, given that gunpowder was black powder at the time, and the gunpowder needed to cause the explosion would have required at least 10 to 20 kilotons of dynamite.One ton of black powder is roughly equivalent to 0.19 tons of dynamite, so if we take the middle value, let’s say 15,000 tons, that means that at that time, the powder storage of Wang Gong Factory was 75,000 tons.That’s the equivalent of decades of production at the time. Do you think that’s possible?Later, others put forward such theories as earthquakes, meteorites and tornadoes, but none of them could reasonably explain the explosion.Three, the mysterious flight incident this matter is not detailed records, only a piece of two sentences, it is about 1862, in Nanpi County, Hebei Province, there is a boatman, by two unknown men back to fly, when he woke up, has been more than 70 miles away.Kind of like the Huang Yanqiu flight incident, as for the truth and falsehood of nowhere to detect.This happened in 1872, during the Qing Dynasty. It is said that in early July of that year, three yi tribe in Pingxiang Tuzhou died inexplicably, because the Yi tribe and the Zhuang tribe were at war at that time.So they suspected the Zhuang tribe at the first time, so the two sides had a knife fight, resulting in dozens of injuries.Later, it will disturb the court, so the court will send someone to deal with this matter, but after the autopsy, everyone was surprised, because these wounds are not human, people want to know when it’s very superstitious, and then the wizard to practice, and in the cattle and sheep as a sacrifice, kill chickens and ducks could be these things send out the scent.In the evening attracted a group of zombies, they rushed into the village to see people bite, even livestock are not let go, the results can be imagined, in the face of such a scene, the villagers that is to escape escape, scattered scattered, and those who can not run old people, children, also can only wait for death.Later, because of this matter, the guangxi patrol yan Shusen, after hearing this, Yan Shusen immediately rushed to the incident.Because he didn’t believe in ghosts himself, he sealed off 30 kilometers of the village, and then set fire to the mountain, which burned for seven days and seven nights, and there were no more zombie attacks in the area.As for this matter really, no one knows this, but according to historical records, said in the local have the English people, collusion donation in our country, and looted, misconduct, when seize them, they hide in the mountains, and the mountain just had to burn, and made no mention of the zombie attacks an autopsy, only say English people cheating.As for what happened, no one knows. Okay!That’s all for today, so I’ll see you next time.