Irish agricultural exports to Britain will require a health certificate next year

2022-04-28 0 By

Source: Website of Ministry of CommerceThe Ministry of Agriculture is set to issue around 310,000 health certificates for Irish meat, dairy and produce worth around 5 billion euros after the UK begins inspections next year, the Irish Times reported on December 28.Irish exporters will also feel the impact of Brexit for the first time.UK checks on imports from other EU countries were already in place in January 2021, but UK checks on shipments from the island of Ireland have been temporarily postponed.It has now been established that from 1 July next year, most Irish meat and food products will require a veterinary inspector to issue an agricultural export health certificate before being shipped to the UK.Damien Flynn, head of the DEPARTMENT’s Brexit and International trade division, said the department normally issues 60,000-70,000 export health certificates a year for exports to third countries, but Brexit would create a challenge with an extra 240,000.Irish meat and food exporters are also preparing for upcoming inspections.Dawn Farms exports to almost 50 countries, has the paperwork experience to export meat and food to “third countries” and currently exports about 30 per cent of its meat to the UK, so it has been preparing for it for some time, said Dawn McGrath, head of business development at Dawn Farms.