Reality check at last?Lithuania has announced a plan to rename the so-called “Representative Office in Taiwan”

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Lithuania has established formal diplomatic relations with China many years ago.But there is a precondition that Lithuania must follow the One-China principle.For example, the establishment of “Taiwan Office” in Lithuania is also not allowed.In the second half of 2021, Lithuania did just that.The current Lithuanian government has indeed made a very serious mistake.Follow the principle of one China is China maintains normal diplomatic relations with other countries’ bottom line, Lithuania, the practice of the current government, leads the country’s two opposition leaders, think the Lithuanian government must correct this mistake, otherwise unfavorable to neutral improved diplomatic relations, one of the opposition leaders also called for the country’s foreign minister to resign.In their view, the Lithuanian foreign minister’s missteps meant that it would take decades for neutrality to return to its original level.But The Lithuanian foreign minister, Vladislav Landsbergis, initially dismissed the idea that he was doing something wrong until recently.The reason for Lithuania’s weakness is the state of its economy.Lithuania’s competitive products are not many, and Lithuanian products are not popular in the global market. China is a rare country that can absorb a large number of Lithuanian products.Rum and timber have long relied on sales in China to boost Lithuanian revenues.Lithuania’s goods immediately became unmarketable in China because of the serious mistakes it made and the dissatisfaction of China.The Lithuanian government is under pressure as companies suffer heavy losses.The Lithuanian government has turned to the European Union, which despises it.When the EU held a meeting to discuss the issue, only a few lawmakers, including Slovakia, supported the EU sanctions against China to save Lithuania, but 660 out of 700 lawmakers opposed the EU’s intervention in the neutrality dispute and provided financial support to Lithuanian companies.China has long warned Lithuania to correct its mistakes and not undermine the One-China principle, otherwise bilateral relations will not return to normal, as Lithuania’s actions undermine China’s territorial integrity, flout China’s sovereignty and disregard the political commitments in the communique on the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries.Now the European Union is not helping, the United States is not, the economy is in decline, the government’s popularity is in decline, so Lithuania has no choice but to bow down, and so must its foreign minister, who has now submitted a proposal to change the name.The Chinese character “people” has been added to the original name of the Taiwan Representative Office, and the name of the office has been changed to “Taiwan People’s Representative Office”.That alone, the Lithuanian government worried that it was not doing enough, so it did another thing that it hoped would improve neutrality.The country is sending 13 athletes to Beijing for what it says is an unprecedented delegation.The Chinese name of the DPP office in Lithuania was changed and names in other languages also had to be corrected, which caused the displeasure of the DPP authorities.Mr Wong, the alleged delegate, opposed the name change, saying it was a mutual understanding.He also said he had not been asked by Lithuania to change his name.To thank Lithuania for its support of the DPP, Taiwan’s DPP bought 20,000 bottles of rum at a high price, but now the money seems to have gone to waste.The so-called representatives of the DPP authorities firmly opposed Lithuania’s change of the original name of the office.In fact, Lithuania is planning to rename the so-called “office” of the DPP administration in the country, following the advice of American diplomats that the United States will not take sides with the DPP administration at critical moments.But merely changing the name is a play on words and will do little to mend neutral diplomatic relations. Lithuania must take more valuable actions to convince China of Lithuania’s sincerity.The Lithuanian president was asked to correct the name of the so-called “Taiwan Representative Office” in Lithuania, saying the Chinese name of the “representative office” was a key factor in the Conflict between Lithuania and China.What is China’s comment on that?Zhao Lijian said that China has repeatedly clarified the essence of Lithuania’s Taiwan-related issues. If Lithuania sincerely wants to ease tensions over neutrality, it should show sincerity and take concrete actions to correct its mistakes.You can’t get away with playing with words.Disclaimer: original content, picture material from the network, such as infringement, please contact to delete.For more, check out The Atomic City