Ten thousand ancient god emperor newest: chiyou and the punishment day god fit, there are two lang god of the divine!

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In Chinese mythology, chi, the chief of the Ancient Jiuli nationality, is a very famous villain, who defeated our ancestors Yan Emperor and Yellow Emperor successively.Finally yan and Huang join hands, there are nine days of mysterious women under the help, to defeat Chiyou.Chiyou was a mixture of man and beast. He had four eyes, six hands and horns on his head.Forthright and upright, he fought bravely and was worshipped as the god of war by the Yellow Emperor after his death.The Yellow Emperor buried his head and body separately, turning his head into blood Fenglin.Why is the maple leaf red?That’s chiyou’s blood!Chiyou’s under hand torture day daishen, fight more brave and fierce, revenge for eldest brother, chase deer with yellow Emperor central Plains;When his head is cut off, he will fight with his nipples as his eyes and his navel as his mouth, with an axe in one hand and a shield in the other.He was named the God of war by the Yellow Emperor after his death.In the setting, flying Fish combines Chiyou and Chi Chi into one person: Chi Chi Chi.Is also a god, holding a plate axe, shield replaced by thirty-six demon stone;Character, eyes can not rub sand, valiant combat!However, there were two changes: Jiuli people became cat people, and Chi Chi Tian also became a big black cat.Chi Chi Tian has become a normal man. He is a decent figure in kunlun and the first god of war of Kunlun.But there is no place for him among the nine warlords.Can be canonized as the God of war, at least for the great freedom;Chi Chi day is still a step away from the infinite universe, and the god of war is still far away!Some people would say that there is another difference: Chi Chi Tian is the descendants of heavenly demons, a demon god.In fact, the ancient latecomers also belittle Chiyou, deliberately demonized him, said chiyou is a demon god.Chi Chi Tian was also decapitated. In the battle to defend Kunlun 100,000 years ago, he was slain by the Lord of the Ming clan.However, he did not continue to fight like the torture, because the body lost memory, only a trace of thinking and active consciousness, was suppressed in the cloud mountain luozu boundary, became the guardian god of Luozu Mountain!The head was taken by the Nether clan to be used as a pot to piss in.As a demon, physical quality excellent, long life;And the attributes of a cat, nine lives;Chi Chi tian has been suppressed for more than 100,000 years without dying.In fact, chi Chi Tian practiced the second god source!One hundred thousand years ago to follow the ten rob ask the day before killing into the Yellow Spring star river, chi chi day left a hand, will be his second mind hidden in the Temple of Nine Li, this has the resurrection behind, the possibility of full recovery of consciousness!With the help of Mu Ling Xi, Xiao Hei, Chi Yao and Zhang Ruochen, the head and body of Chi Chi Tian will be combined, led by the second mind, to regain freedom!The fate of day of chi chi and wood ling xi (little phoenix) is also settled at this time, accept little phoenix as step-daughter.Because the young phoenix is also the practice of magic, but also as the young Phoenix pass kung fu master.No accident, small phoenix also repair a second god source, equal to more than a life!As the descendants of the demons, Chi Chi tian has also gained a lot from the ancestral realm of demons: demons stone carvings, Wolf skin banners, demons bully guns and so on.He also has a set of unique skills: eight or nine xuangong!This is when the god of war jerlang true gentleman’s skill: seventy-two changes!As good as Sun Wukong!It played a very important role in Zhang Ruochen’s great attack on Xinghuan Tian: Chi Chi Tian changed into the god of war with blood, and fought with the god of Heaven happily. It shows the mystery of this skill that you haven’t been found yet!In addition to fighting bravely and upright, Chi Chi tian also gives us a very lovely image of loyalty and upright han.Chi Chi Tian is not only a loyal defender of Kunlun realm, but also a loyal female emperor!Taishang also regards him as his own child.Chi chi day is also no words to friends, in addition to the female emperor, there are god 妭 princess, moon god and dragon Lord wang, etc., are in the first one positive characters!Of course, there was later younger Zhang Ruochen!Zhang Ruochen help can be big, in addition to the battlefield charge, return to Zhang Ruochen to a very good aftermath: receive two chasing Zhang Ruochen and not orange moon star and dark princess for acts!Even this indomitable straight man of steel has his moments of hunger.Once upon a time by fiancee dragon eight hit black and blue, was chased all over the world.One hundred thousand years, dragon eight has been successfully promoted to the infinite god zun, chi chi day still wallow in the realm of great god.To make matters worse, the head was made into a jar of punishment, which damaged the foundation of cultivation and made it impossible to advance to infinity.Can be beaten by the wife, the mouth can not lose ah!”What happened to Kami?If I break through, I will be stronger than you!”Right!Zhang Ruochen promised to help restore the foundation of chi Chi Day!A year over, flying fish don’t give the whole forget!I don’t think Chi Chi tian himself mentioned this!