The “shortcut” that Xiao Sa and Si Si took in the national college entrance examination will be cancelled in 2024

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Some people say that gaokao is a fateful turning point, which can bring both a ray of hope and a challenge that is hard to break through.As a result, many students and parents want to find a shortcut to finally realize their college dream and pave the way for career development.The ancients said: “There is a road frequently for the diameter, learning is long, hard work”.On the way of learning, only diligence and persistence is the key to change your fate with knowledge.But in the impression of most parents, the art examination is really a shortcut to the college entrance examination.In recent years, with the increasing number of art students, the scores of art students in cultural courses are also gradually improving, and some majors have been cancelled. It can be said that the difficulty of the art examination is not low, so even if you become an art student, you are not safe.I believe you are no strangers to Sa Beining and Li Sisi, with humor and sweet looks, loved by the audience and students.Many parents know that they are recommended to Peking University, so small sa and Si si also take the shortcut of the college entrance examination?Beijing University in 2024 is a node. It has always been the ideal palace of many students, and it is also a symbol and representative of higher education level. It is also known as a higher institution of “gods fighting”.Xiao Sa and Si Si, both graduates of the school, are role models for students to follow.We all know that small sa was recommended to Peking University, but in what way few people know.In order to attract more outstanding students to join, Peking University will hold winter camp activities, and those who are qualified to apply are students with high level and special ability.During the winter vacation of her senior year of high school, Xiao Sa participated as she wished and ended her performance with a well-known folk song.With only three months to go before the national college entrance exam, Peking University offered him an olive branch and he was officially admitted to Peking University.And Si Si revealed that she was very good at dancing, and got 50 points from Peking University, and was admitted to the School of Journalism and Communication of Peking University, which also laid a good foundation and pave the way for becoming the host of CCTV.Different from ordinary art students, high-level students with special talents will get extra points or lower points according to their performance by participating in special activities or selection. However, only 53 universities in China have such qualifications, and Peking University is naturally one of them.The bad news for high school students is that the shortcut taken by Xiao Sa and Si Si is expected to be canceled by 2024, which means some students still have a chance.”Short cut”, the university entrance exam is not suitable for each of the students, try to but not stubborn right in order to be able to enter the university, believe that every parents and students will go all out, even if the result is not good, also want to try, don’t want to leave the fate of the university entrance exam this time turn regret and regret, the idea can understand also worthy of praise.But I think, no matter the high level of specialty students, or art students this road, not all students are suitable.In addition to hard work and financial help and guidance from parents, talent and interest of students themselves are also important.There is no denying that learning is not overnight, only to really try and experience, you will know whether it is really suitable for yourself.As a result, students go for a bold attempt, which is not only a breakthrough, but also a way to learn about themselves.But if it is not suitable in the process, we hope that students can timely stop the loss, not to waste too much time and energy, so as not to disrupt the original learning rhythm.And no matter how the education system is adjusted, it is also for the better promotion of students.The adjustment of the education system is a test of mentality and adaptability. How can high school students avoid being affected?High school students are in a very special stage, facing the pressure of entering school and high intensity of study, it is easy to appear emotional and psychological problems.Especially in the face of the adjustment of the education system, some students often feel helpless, or have the idea and attitude of questioning and complaining, so it will have a great impact on the maintenance of grades.High school students are the pillars of the future, the adjustment of mentality and long-term vision, learning career will go more smoothly.Therefore, in order to cope with the challenges calmly, high school students should learn to adjust their attitude in study and life, and keep optimistic, so that they can have the motivation and hope to persist.Since you can’t change the education system, you should learn to change yourself to constantly adapt and make breakthroughs.The author said that the college entrance examination is a fair competition, but also the way for students to realize their dreams, so no matter ordinary students, or students with special skills in art, they should choose the right way to go.In this way, to increase the chances of landing, but also leisurely to face difficulties and challenges.In fact, every adjustment of the education system is a test, hope that students keep rational, courageous.Topic of the day: What do you think of gaokao shortcuts?Feel free to share in the comments section below!Pictures are from the network, if there is infringement please contact delete!For more of our highlights, check out Mama Cass