European energy crisis continues to ferment domestic “supply and price stability” effect appears

2022-04-29 0 By

According to media reports, the shutdown of several French nuclear reactors due to pipeline defects, coupled with the implementation of Germany and other European countries to abandon nuclear coal and other measures, has increased Europe’s reliance on clean energy, especially natural gas.The recent Energy crisis in Europe continues to ferment. Cold weather this winter, the scourge of Omicron and geopolitical tensions in Europe have led to a continuous shortage of natural gas supplies in Europe. High energy prices have begun to spread to local production and living areas.According to media reports, a number of nuclear reactors in France have been shut down due to pipeline defects, and Germany and other European countries have implemented measures such as “turning off nuclear and abandoning coal”, increasing Europe’s dependence on clean energy, especially natural gas.Although it is currently in the peak season of demand for natural gas in Europe, the game between Russia and the EU on Ukraine, Nord Stream 2 and other issues heats up, resulting in the phenomenon of short-term supply contraction of natural gas.Against this backdrop, Europe’s energy crisis has erupted against the backdrop of soaring prices as supply and demand for natural gas tighten rapidly.According to the report by the macro team of Dongfang Jincheng, the evolution of energy structure in Europe under the carbon emission reduction target has led to increased instability in its energy and power supply. Under the impact of short-term factors such as extreme weather, the problems of “dependence on human” in traditional energy supply and unstable new energy power generation have been rapidly exposed.Market participants said that the current overseas energy crisis is not completely over, and the subsequent impact on China still needs to be paid attention to.However, since the beginning of winter, China’s energy policy to increase production and ensure supply has continued to be effective. So far, coal prices have returned to a reasonable range, coal storage in power plants has reached the highest level in history, power supply has remained stable, and natural gas resources are in sufficient supply.China’s energy supply is stable despite the complicated supply and demand situation and the international market environment, said a senior official with the National Development and Reform Commission’s economic Operation Regulation Bureau.In order to ensure a safe and stable energy supply, the National Development and Reform Commission has instructed coal producing provinces and autonomous regions as well as coal producing enterprises to maintain normal production, sales and delivery during the Spring Festival and timely coordinate coal production, transportation and sales.We will strengthen the operation and management of coal and gas generating units, improve peak capacity, and increase new energy generation output through multiple channels.In addition, the NDRC has promoted full production of domestic oil and gas fields to ensure the safety and stability of imports of crude oil, pipeline gas and LNG.We will pay close attention to the Spring Festival holiday, the Winter Olympics and the Paralympics, and other important periods of time to strengthen operation and dispatching to ensure a steady and orderly energy supply.In terms of overall planning and coordination, the NDRC also urged enterprises to sign and fulfill medium – and long-term coal contracts.We will optimize the operation of power grids, make full use of inter-provincial and inter-regional transmission channels, and ensure that surplus and shortage complement each other and peak and valley complement each other.We will give full play to the advantages of “one national natural gas network” and focus on strengthening the dispatching and guarantee of the northern region, especially those with limited natural resources.We will take multiple measures to ensure supply in a scientific way and effectively meet the demand for rational use of energy in economic and social development.However, a major official from the National Economic Operation Regulation Bureau stressed that ensuring people’s warmth and energy consumption is still the bottom line that the National Development and Reform Commission must firmly guard.To this end, we will further refine and substantiate the energy consumption guarantee plan, and continue to optimize the plans for natural gas, electric power and coal to protect the non-african people.In the northern region, clean heating is based on electricity when appropriate, gas when appropriate, and coal when appropriate. The government has strictly implemented the principle of “replacing electricity with gas” and “establishing power before breaking it” to ensure the safety of heating for people.(Author: Zhang Xiaochong, Reporter of CfNA)