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The women’s Asian Cup final between China and South Korea will take place at 7 p.m. Tuesday.At yesterday’s pre-match press conference, China women’s football coach Shui Qingxia showed strong confidence to win the championship.The last time The Chinese women’s team reached the Final of the Asian Cup was in 2008, and the last time they won the tournament was in 2006.This time, The Chinese women’s football team has reached the Asian Cup final again after 14 years. If it can win the championship tonight, it will declare that the Chinese women’s football team has returned to the top of Asia after 16 years. This will have a quite positive significance for the development of The Chinese women’s football team in the future.China’s head coach Shui Qingxia directs the semifinal match in Beijing, Feb 3, 2018.Chinese women’s football qualified for next year’s Women’s World Cup in three matches at the Asian Cup, xinhua reported.Overnight, China’s women’s soccer team has become the focus of heated debate in the country.China’s Wang Shanshan celebrates after scoring in a penalty shootout in Beijing, Feb 3, 2018.The Chinese women’s soccer team is no stranger to the South Korean women’s soccer team in tonight’s final.In last year’s Tokyo Olympic Qualifier, The Chinese women’s football team was defeated 4-3 on aggregate by wang Shuang in the second round of extra time at home in Suzhou.The Korean women’s soccer team has not lost sight of the defeat.Although The Chinese women’s football team advanced to the Tokyo Olympic Games, but because of a series of improper operations, the final defeat in Tokyo, also directly triggered the Chinese women’s football team leadership change.At yesterday’s pre-match press conference, Shui qingxia was clear about winning: “Even if we win, I don’t think it’s such a great achievement.Our preparation for this game is the same as before.So for me, IT’s more about winning the game itself.Korea is also a good team, they have a lot of good players and this final will be a challenge for us as well.We have to be ready for this game and overcome both mental and physical difficulties.I have to instill confidence in the players, they have to believe in themselves, they have to believe in the game.”Wang Shuang (l, front) of China drives the ball during a match in Beijing, capital of China, Jan. 30, 2019.China beat Vietnam 3-1 in the quarterfinals of the 2022 Women’s Asian Cup in Mumbai, India, on Thursday to advance to the semifinals.Xinhua News Agency hair in fact, Whether Wang Shuang injury comeback, for Chinese women’s football is a key factor.Shui qingxia did not disclose wang’s current injury.Captain Wang Shanshan said, “We played well in the last game against Japan and that’s why we’re here.South Korea has a star like Chi Xiaoran, who is very capable in all aspects and can influence the situation of the match.This is an important game and both teams will be extremely focused in attack and defence.As captain, my responsibility is to lead the team forward, I want to lead by example and motivate the team.”Colin Bell, the foreign head coach of the Korean women’s football team, attended the pre-match press conference.He said: “It will be a difficult game, psychology will be the deciding factor, we have no injured players and we will field our strongest xi.We are ready for a change in tactics.China is a very strong team, but we are ready to play.Our goal (to qualify for the World Cup) has been achieved and the team will strive for the ultimate goal, the championship.””The Physical and mental attributes of the Chinese team are very good,” said Colin Bell, referring to the Korean women’s Olympic qualifiers defeat by China. “From an individual point of view, the players are very capable.”The biggest difference from the last defeat is that the Korean women’s soccer team has continued to develop despite not playing in a year and not being able to break out of the Olympic qualifying round. I personally think reaching the World Cup is a dream goal.””Both sides are very good players and we have a lot of confidence and I want to contribute to a good result,” said Ji Hae-yeon, South Korea’s top star.With one game left, the mental side will be more important and we are confident.This is my first chance in 14 years to help Korea win a championship. I can’t express the feeling in words.”At present, Australia’s Cole still leads the Asian Cup scoring list with 7 goals, Wang Shuang, Wang Shanshan to 2 goals behind, Chi Xiaoran scored 4 goals.Let’s cheer for The Chinese women’s football team at 19:00 tonight!Statement: In addition to the original content and special instructions, the text and pictures of the push manuscript are from the Internet and major mainstream media.The copyright belongs to the original author.If you think the content is infringing, please contact us to delete.A company coffee machine tests positive!Fourteen confirmed cases have been reported here, and the outbreak has been linked to three provinces.Holiday notice!Released last night!Shenyang investigate again 5!