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When I was a student, I envied those seniors who entered the society most. I felt that only when they stepped out of the ivory tower could they be regarded as real adults, have absolute control over their own life, and fully embrace freedom. When they truly entered the society after graduation and became office workers, they could understand the truth that nothing is absolute.In those days their own ideas but too simple, can follow one’s inclinations of the control of their own life is a few people after all;After changing from student party to office worker, I realized that there is another word in the workplace. The helplessness and sadness of “workers” are probably only known to me…Most popular online video on YouTube is’ Ozool Profit Pill ‘, which has 152,000 followers and tops out at 2.94 million views per video.Most of the women who profit from the most views are found in a distinctive fashion: the latest news channel by Profit magazine is designed to share neither beauty nor food beauty;But regularly upload their daily work, video content is too “naked, bloody”, enough to let most of the social people have too good fantasy of this identity of students, instant people!Between!Clear!Wake up!It’s been so hard.I was so obsessed with workplace relationships that I cried almost every day when I came home.But after watching your video, I feel that what I have met is really nothing. I should refueling myself.Most of the things that life contains are unfazed by the chemical industry;Learning Japanese is just like life, no matter how hard the road ahead, we should face with a smile.