Phoenix day also once common smile, but why phoenix caiyi in empty Fanning after the death of change so huge?

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Article/short-short takeaway: for a long time, the novel for its not just a story, it is like an elusive but like the real world, in this world, there are countless bizarre story, also have different people different experiences, and some of them so some experience, enough to let a person tears.In this chapter, the short novel will tell feng Caiyi, talk about the story of the god of death once, talk about the reason why she became feared by everyone, become a terrible queen who created countless mountains of corpses and blood.In the chapter “Ruin”, there is a description of Fengcaiyi’s past by xiuchen God: “Actually, Fengcaiyi is ok. Before Fanning died, she did not only practice the way of death, but also often smiled. Later, she slowly became cold-blooded and lost the initial human touch.By taking what god can know about these words, once the chicken colorful wings, was also a girl next door, also know the milk of human kindness, also can smile to the world, but after empty brahman ning fall, everything changed rapidly, phoenix color wings begin to specialise in the way of death, began to slowly become cold-blooded, start an decisive, started dying achievements respected rests with god.However, people do not understand why the fall of empty Fanning, fengcaiyi will have such a big change?In response, the short story has a fantasy in mind (just as a story), and you can share your thoughts in the comments section.Reference to fix the god, although it could be better to empty the Vatican ning a time god piece of jade, but under the care and training of empty Vatican ning, fix god got rapid growth, from a what all don’t understand stone (time god jade), to grow into a big boundless top of the strong, is an empty brahman ning to repair how good, how much I help.It is precisely because of this good, let repair Chen god in empty Fanning after the fall of the holy monk xumi with life together (because in the understanding of xiuxian, xumi indirectly killed the empty Fanning).Similarly, can fengcaiyi also once and repair Chen god, also once received empty fanning huge grace?In phoenix color wings are weak, her situation is probably not, as the resin friar, itself a big probability without friends, plus her ontology is a phoenix, is likely to be coveted by many people, and the critical period, the empty the Vatican gave her great help, even in the science of uniting the path, can also be empty brahman ning to phoenix color wings led the way,Took her to set foot on the road of cultivation.So it is precisely because of this grace, after the fall of empty Fanning, fengcaiyi is likely to have such a huge change.Otherwise, assume that two people simply meet bosom friend sisterly love (you can be sure there is no blood relationship, two people both orientation should be normal), unless there is a common experience of life and death, otherwise, the affair is not too personal identification chicken colorful wings can because of empty Vatican ning fall change so big, and according to the analysis of life of yuan a pieceFengcaiyi obviously and empty Fanning does not belong to the same period of characters (empty Fanning belongs to ten yuan before the characters, Fengcaiyi should be about two or three yuan later), plus empty Fanning is better than Haotian, Tianmao talent, and Fengcaiyi will live and die experience, this possibility is obviously not big.To sum up, after the exclusion of the possibility of life and death experience, the third possibility has not occurred to the novel personally for the time being. Therefore, it is possible that Fengcaiyi has been greatly benefited by Empty Fanning. After the fall of empty Fanning, she will have such a huge change.Finally, what is the reason for the change of phoenix Wings?Welcome to leave a message in the comment section, long press “like”, one key three even, thank you for your support.Novel chronicle original, declined to be reproduced without authorization!Pictures from the network, if there is infringement please contact delete.