Another name for flatwood

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It is also known as Camphora japonicus, Red under the leaf, red under the leaf, camphora japonicus, Pearl in the snow, and dwarf grass. It is the whole plant of Purple golden ox.1. Flatwood, Purpurea genus of Purpurea;Purple gold cattle mostly grow in warm winter and cool summer, humid and foggy, half shade and half sun place, it is advisable to choose lucid pine fertile, humid, sunshine is not strong forest, orchard planting.2, flat wood like warm, humid environment, like shade, avoid direct sunlight.Suitable for growing in humus – rich, well – drained soil.Purple gold cattle were harvested from October to November in the third year after transplanting and the fourth year after direct seeding.The principle of harvesting is to collect old shoots (including rhizomes) and leave young shoots (including rhizomes);Generally leave 2~3 twigs.The yield of fresh wood is about 100kg/ mu.3. Flat wood with prostrate rooting rhizomes, erect to 30 cm, unbranched, minutely pilose when young.Purple gold cattle are bred by ramet, usually in spring and autumn.Take field collection of zijin ox plants, segmentation rhizomes, make each section of a branch on the rhizomes, segmentation the rhizomes of transplanting to level off good land, the depth of 10 ~ 15 cm, line is 20 ~ 40 cm wide spacing, each nest plant/plant plant after water flooding, covered with a thin layer of litter, around 20 dead, namely survival, litter is uncovered, let it grow.