Middle school teacher, advanced title and primary title differ 2000 yuan, workload is exactly same however?

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01 REMEMBER when I was in middle school, the teachers did not have a title, and then the primary and secondary schools have a title system, ordinary teachers, since stepping on the platform, will strive for the title.Let alone ordinary teachers, even school leaders with administrative levels should also take the road of professional title promotion.The fundamental reason why professional title attracts teachers’ attention is that in the current teacher salary structure, there is a big difference between professional title salary and post salary.For example, the monthly take-home pay gap between the 7th level of the deputy senior title and the 10th level of the intermediate title is close to 1,000 yuan, and the housing provident fund and other benefits are also related to the title, the gap is even bigger when these are taken into account.I have seen a senior teacher, a level 4 post, according to him, his monthly take-home pay is 1900 yuan higher than the deputy senior level 7 post.In a word, there is a gap between teachers’ salaries and professional titles.The greater the title difference, the greater the wage gap.02 I read a net friend said that two teachers in a certain school have the same workload but different titles, one is senior title and the other is junior title. The salary difference between them is 2000 yuan.I believe there is a big difference in salary depending on the title, but I don’t think so if the workload of senior and junior teachers is the same.Generally speaking, school leaders are the first to be promoted to senior titles in a school.School leaders are the most likely to be promoted to senior teachers because they are more likely to be qualified for various performance conditions because they make more contributions than ordinary teachers.For those ordinary teachers, if they do not dare to compete, not good at competition, it is difficult to stand out in the promotion of professional title.Therefore, ordinary teachers are generally promoted to senior titles in their fifties.School leaders with senior professional titles are engaged in management work, so they are basically separated from the frontline of teaching or have some symbolic lessons. Even if middle level leaders lead the main courses, they are much less than ordinary teachers.And senior titles of old teachers, because of their age, the school will also give special attention, but also symbolically take some classes or leave the teaching line, gorgeous turn, to the work post up.Perhaps some people will say that what I say is not the truth, because some senior old teachers are still saturated workload, and the workload of the young teachers of the primary title.In fact, the workload of senior senior teachers and junior young teachers is not the same, it depends on which place, which school.If a school is understaffed, even if you are older, it will be full of work, such as rural primary schools, before retirement, just like young people, they have to be the class director and hold several courses concurrently.However, the situation in middle school is different. Some older senior teachers still need humanistic care. It is reasonable to take less or no classes.03 “three feet platform all the way sing” teacher think, senior title of the old teacher if the body allows, can insist on taking classes in the teaching line, after all, can be rated on senior title, teaching ability is strong, high level of teaching, if not with the class, it is a waste of educational resources ah.And the higher the title, the higher the salary, take more money, also should make more contributions!However, LIKE other teachers, I suggest narrowing the salary gap between teachers with junior professional titles. Teachers with senior professional titles have low salary and more work, while teachers with senior professional titles have high salary and less work, which will cause psychological imbalance among some teachers and further affect the work enthusiasm of the majority of front-line teachers.I do not know everyone for senior teachers and primary teachers monthly salary has a big gap between what views, what suggestions, welcome to discuss, welcome to leave a message.To learn more, please pay attention to “Three feet platform all the way Sing”!