Recent economic operation highlights | Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region investment to achieve rapid growth “science and technology” accelerated

2022-04-30 0 By

In 2021, The Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region will earnestly implement various policies to stabilize investment, take project construction as the main focus of economic work, promote the construction of major projects, strengthen efforts to strengthen weak spots, and constantly optimize the investment structure.Investment in fixed assets (excluding rural households) grew by 9.8% year on year, 4.9 percentage points higher than the national average.At the same time, the business environment of the region has been constantly improved, the effective supply of scientific and technological innovation has continued to increase, technological innovation in key areas has been accelerated, investment in high-tech industries has grown steadily, and the project of revitalizing Mongolia through science and technology has been accelerated.Industrial investment continued to grow at a high rate, playing a leading role.Investment in industry rose by 21.1 percent.Investment in the manufacturing sector increased by 29.2% year on year, including 30.7% in consumer goods manufacturing and 41.5% in equipment manufacturing.Efforts were intensified to shore up areas of weakness, and investment in areas related to people’s wellbeing grew well.Investment in the social sector increased by 13.1 percent, including 42.9 percent in health and social work.Investment related to people’s livelihood continued to expand. Investment in food manufacturing increased by 1.5 times, and investment in wine, beverage and refined tea manufacturing increased by 19.5 percent.The proportion of private investment increased and the vitality of private investment continued to grow.Private investment increased by 14.4%, accounting for 54.4% of total investment in The region, up 2.2 percentage points year on year.Private investment in manufacturing increased by 38.3% year on year, accounting for 31.8% of total private investment, up 5.5 percentage points year on year.Investment in high-tech industries has grown rapidly, and investment in high-tech manufacturing has developed rapidly.Investment in high-tech industries grew 29.6 percent year on year, 12.5 percentage points higher than the country as a whole.Investment in high-tech services increased by 10.4%, of which investment in e-commerce services increased by 5.6 times, making it an important driver of stable investment in the region.Investment in high-tech manufacturing continued to grow, up 60.5% year on year, accounting for 43.6% of the region’s high-tech industry investment, among which, the investment in electronics and communication equipment manufacturing increased 1.1 times year on year.