“Spring Walking grassroots” small shop District Liu Jiapu village: characteristics of intangible cultural heritage to find a thriving New Year

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The Spring Festival is the most solemn, grand and warm festival in our traditional festivals.Different regions and cultures have their own unique customs and folk customs, which form the different “New Year flavor” in our memories.Today, follow our reporter to feel the thick flavor of New Year in the new countryside.Reporter Wang Weidong: Over the New Year, make prosperous.Now I have come to Liujiapu village in the small store area. The beautiful village is celebrating Chinese New Year. Behind me, the Xihuamen Lion dance team is doing the final rehearsal work for today’s folk performance.Lion dance is one of the well-known folk activities in people’s cognition of “New Year flavor”.In particular, xihuamen Lion Dance, as a representative of the Northern lion dance and a provincial intangible cultural heritage project, is well known to taiyuan residents.In the performance, xihuamen lion dance team specially designed the form of north lion and south lion competition, so that the public fully feel the charm of lion dance.Liu Ning, leader of Xihuamen Lion Dance, shanxi Provincial intangible Cultural Heritage: Usually the southern lion has horns and different dance techniques.This is the northern lion, and look at the mane, it’s got a purse.The dance of the northern lion is more extensive and bold, while the southern lion is more delicate.In the sound of passionate drums, the lions wake up and go into battle together, or jump, or jump, or climb to compete, lion king hegemony at this moment wonderful performance.Shanxi provincial intangible cultural heritage gate xihua lion dance captain Mr. Liu: first is fifteen lions, southern, northern lion, after the fight scenes, climbing on the props, the za is a high nearly 6 metres high, more than five meters supremacy in the peak time, get the ball thrown to the audience, implied meaning is in the New Year bring you a good heat.In addition to the lively lion dance, known as the air “ballet” back iron stick, said the yangko dance and other shehuo performances will be staged in turn, the Year of the Tiger New Year wishes sent to the people’s doorstep.Citizen Liu Ziying: saw the lion dance, saw the back stick, saw a lot of performances, too wonderful, our Shanxi New Year flavor is too good.There are folk customs, there is the flavor of the New Year, and in many flavors, “food” is indispensable to the taste of happiness.Reporter Wang Weidong: NOW I have come to the village of a handmade yuanxiao intangible cultural heritage store, it is said that this rolling yuanxiao has a history of more than 40 years, whether the craft or taste, has been recognized by people in eight villages.Seemingly simple roll yuanxiao, but the reporter began to find that it is learning everywhere.One centimeter square of stuffing in the spider, poured the flour, and then poured into the large dust basket, sprinkle the rice flour, rhythmically shake, roll, and then dip the paste, drain, wrap the powder, repeat four or five times, small filling can gradually become one round yuanxiao.Xiao Dian district Liu Jiapu village handmade Yuanxiao artist single lian yuan: the stuffing is generally done in advance, like today roll bar yesterday and the day before yesterday.Dilute the sugar, with rose, sesame, peanut, osmanthus sauce these, with good cut into a centimeter square small pieces, do a good job in advance of drying for a day, it hard roll over good roll.Like this noodle, the rice is soaked for three or four hours in advance. After being taken out, it is dried for a day and then ground out with our stone rollers.From grinding to rolling yuanxiao, every link, every process single lianyuan are hands-on, therefore, every month to the twelfth lunar month, is his busiest time.Small shop area Liujiapu village handmade yuanxiao artist single lian yuan: it is usually hundreds of bags every day, but the Chinese New Year, catch up with the festival on the sale of a little more, a day can sell thousands of bags.With the skill of rolling yuanxiao, master Single’s life has become more prosperous.He told us that this year he has been 60 years old, from the hands of his father this craft has been 30 years, and now he passed it on to his son, is hoping that this craft can be passed down all the time, so that people through the small yuanxiao, remember the old taste of the past, the taste of the New Year.Shop district Liujiapu village handmade yuanxiao artist Single lianyuan: the village first set up this intangible heritage culture of this small courtyard, to our craft this is also a good environment, I wish everyone in the New Year to be able to reunion.Walking in Liujiapu village, from the intangible cultural street to every lane are decorated with a variety of lanterns, from far and near the sound of gongs and drums let us feel the thick flavor of the New Year.The smiles on the faces of the villagers and the smell of meat in the smoke tell us about the happy life in this beautiful new village.The villagers told me that now such a good life, and the village of intangible cultural heritage courtyard inseparable, not only let them realize employment at home, but also let the whole village is famous, became the net red card.The most they can hope for in the New Year is that more people will come to the village and they will be more involved in non-genetic inheritance.Here we also wish the villagers come true, also wish this new countryside some more, let agriculture strong, rural beauty, farmers rich beautiful countryside beauty in sanjin earth bloom everywhere.(Reporter Chen Shu, Yao Haixiao, Wang Weidong, Wang Xiaosong) Source: Comprehensive news channel of Taiyuan Radio and Television Station