Zhoushan Marine Police bureau this month completed 3 cases of Marine illegal dumping

2022-04-30 0 By

Recently, Zhoushan Marine Police Bureau carried out Marine protection special law enforcement action, within a month has completed 3 cases of illegal dumping of Marine waste, seized 4 vessels involved, and verified the illegal dumping of about 15,360 cubic meters of dredged materials.On March 9, the station of Zhoushan Maritime Police bureau found a suspected illegal dumping of waste in the waters near Huangniu Jiao in Zhoushan. The station immediately dispatched law enforcement officers to investigate.As a company’s sand dredger in has not obtained under the condition of the Marine dumping waste license, accumulated in cattle reef dumping waste dumping dredged silt is about 12000 cubic meters, this behaviour has violated the “Marine environmental protection law of the People’s Republic of China” the provisions of article 55: “, without waste ocean dumping license to ocean dumping waste “.On March 24, the Marine police officers made a decision to “order the unit involved to stop the illegal behavior, immediately correct, and impose a fine of ONE hundred and seventy thousand yuan only”.In addition, the bureau closed two consecutive cases of illegal dumping of Marine materials on The 18th and 21st respectively, with a total of 3,360 cubic meters of illegally dumped dredged materials and a total penalty of 300,000 yuan.According to zhoushan Marine police bureau related person in charge of the introduction, the next step, will increase patrol supervision, with “zero tolerance” attitude severely crack down on pollution of the Marine environment, damage to the Marine ecology and other illegal acts.