BMW was jointly rights owners said many models fuel engine defects

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Recently, a “report on the serious burning engine oil defects in several BMW models” owners’ rights statement circulated on the Internet.A number of BMW owners said in the statement, including 2020 and 2021 BMW 3 series, 5 series, X3, X4 and other models with B48TU engines have “serious carbon burning oil, spark plug oil, judgment is due to the oil separator effect is not good enough to cause oil into the combustion chamber combustion”.One of the owners said he bought a sport version of a BMW 325Li with a B48B20D engine in April 2020.In early July 2021, an oil alarm appears when the vehicle is running, prompting the need to add one liter. At this time, the distance from the last maintenance is about 12,000 kilometers.The owner then went to the 4S shop for repairs and maintenance.When replacing the spark plug, the owner found that the removed 1, 2 cylinders of spark plug oil and serious carbon deposition.After negotiation, 4S shop decided to replace the valve chamber cover for the owner.In the third maintenance in February 2022 (about 11000 km from the last maintenance), the oil showed only 1/4 remaining, almost close to the alarm.At the same time, the owner again found 1 and 2 cylinder spark plugs with oil and carbon accumulation, which was explained by the 4S shop that it was due to “the last ventilation door chamber cover did not clean the oil left”, that the oil reduction is a normal phenomenon.At the same time, the 4S shop added 5.75L of oil without informing the owner, which was 0.5L higher than the second oil injection.In addition to the owner, there are other owners also claimed that their BMW models encountered 1, 2 cylinder spark plug obvious oil and carbon, and abnormal oil consumption.In consultation with the 4S shop, the latter often carried out maintenance by adding more oil or changing the valve chamber cover, but these solutions did not alleviate the problem of burning oil.In addition to the owners of the joint statement, in the third-party vehicle quality complaints platform, there is no lack of similar feedback.Some owners have pointed out that the BMW engine uses an electronic oil gauge, which does not show anything beyond the maximum oil level.Before, if you add 5.25L oil and consume 0.5L, the oil ruler will drop to 3/4 position (1 slot), but if you add 5.75L oil, you need to consume 1L of oil to show that 1 slot of oil will be lost.Therefore, some car owners question that the 4S shop may cover up the problem of burning oil by adding extra oil, but this is different from the manual that “adding too much engine oil may cause damage to the engine or three-way catalytic converter, and there is a risk of damage to items.”Is contrary to the statement.Caijing auto on part of the owners reflect the burning oil problem and BMW contact.BMW said it took the complaints seriously and conducted an internal review as soon as possible.According to technical analysis, there is a crankcase ventilation device inside the engine valve chamber cover, which is closer to the engine cylinder no. 2. If the spark plug of cylinder no. 2 is darker or more humid than that of cylinder no. 3, it is a normal physical phenomenon.If there is a large amount of oil in the spark plug of one or two cylinders, it may be related to the cracking of the crankcase ventilation device shell, and the customer needs to go to the store for further inspection to determine.For this fault, we have provided the dealer with detailed technical information and solutions.We apologize for the bad experience and confusion caused to the customers.We will continue to cooperate with dealers in the customer-centric principle of communication, continue to provide consumers with high-quality products and services and make every effort.Zhang Xiang, an auto industry analyst, said: “The problem of burning oil may have been reported by car owners to 4S shops, but they did not pay enough attention to it.Before, the owner may also reflect this problem, because it is not taken seriously, the owner may complain to the consumer association, but it has not been dealt with.Then during 315, the owners may unite to report and appeal, hope that the relevant parties pay attention to it, the problem of this fault is dealt with.”On the problem of burning oil, Zhang Xiang believes that the government is now strict on emission requirements, promoting the frequent updating of fuel engine technology.There will be some trial and error along the way.BMW also faces some quality problems in the application process of the new technology because it has not been tested on a large scale before.In addition to BMW, luxury brands such as Mercedes and Audi are also experiencing frequent problems and recalls as product development cycles get shorter.In 2021, the quality management department of the Consumer Association released a notice showing that the number of automobile recall cases in 2021 increased by nearly 30% than in 2020.BMW Group delivered 846,237 BMW and MINI cars in China in 2021, up 8.9% year on year, according to official data.BMW3 series, BMW5 series and BMW X3 each sold more than 150,000 units.