Out with the old and in with the new and seeking the future

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Looking back on 2021, we can see that farmers are everywhere on the road to rural vitalization. We have persevered through trials and hardships, braved difficulties and worked together to achieve development.Lukou District has also witnessed the emergence of a group of outstanding and responsible agricultural enterprises, who have gathered together in The Agricultural Industry Association of Lukou District to strive for the construction of “youth Lukou, entrepreneurial New Town”.Reporter Huang Junwen: “The past year, in my impression, was not only difficult but also fruitful.This year, my colleagues and I from Lukou Agriculture, Rural and Rural column Team took root in Lukou and went deep into the countryside, witnessing the rise of Lukou Youxian regional brand and the achievements we achieved one after another.”Tan Guanghui, General manager of Hunan Haoyi Agricultural Science and Technology Development Co., LTD. : “In 2021, Hunan Haoyi Agricultural Science and Technology Development Co., LTD., has completed 1600 high-quality Hunan pig industry construction projects, and has entered the second phase of finishing farm construction, which is estimated to be fully put into operation in May 2022.”Hunan Haoyi Agricultural Science and Technology Development Co., LTD., located in Longmen Town, Lukou District, is the main brand of “Xiangcun Black pig”. In 2021, the company will invest 35 million yuan to build a fully enclosed intelligent piggery and build a high-quality Hunan pig self-breeding farm in Lukou District.Tan Guanghui, General manager of Hunan Haoyi Agricultural Science and Technology Development Co., LTD. : “Lukou District Committee and Government attach great importance to agricultural development and support it very much. I will make unremitting efforts and courage to make my own contribution to rural revitalization.”Jiajia Rice industry, located in longmen Town, is a provincial agricultural industrialization leading enterprise integrating high-quality rice breeding, agricultural products planting, production, processing and sales. It has a rice processing production line capable of producing 100 tons of polished rice per day, and its products are exported to Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other places.Zhao Zhengquan, chairman of Zhuzhou Jiajia Ecological Agriculture Co., LTD. : “In 2021, we will overcome many difficulties to realize more than 7,000 mu of improved seed breeding and expand the low temperature storage of 1900 cubic meters.2022 is a year full of hope, our goal is to expand the fine seed breeding base to more than 10,000 mu, sales revenue over 100 million.”In Lukou District, longchuan Town’s “Zhuzhou Wang One hundred thousand yellow pepper” is famous throughout the country and has been rated as “National Geographical Indication Certification Trademark”. In 2021, Minhao Company took this opportunity to chop pepper, dip pepper, pepper and other processing methods, and its products are very popular in “Lukou Youxian” store.Tang Zhenggeng, general manager of Hunan Minhao Ecological Agriculture Development Co., LTD. : “In 2021, our corporate culture construction has been further improved, the company has built a standard processing base of 10,000 square meters, the market share of the same period compared to the growth rate of 36%, the company’s industrial output value reached more than 30 million yuan.In 2022, the company will continue to carry out purification and rejuvenation of Zhuzhou Wang One hundred thousand yellow pepper, and make unremitting efforts for the characteristic town, industrial development and rural revitalization.”In Lukou Youxian, preserved eggs and salted eggs produced by Yindan Company are also popular among customers. As the leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization in Hunan Province, Yindan not only has many sales points in China, but also sells its products to overseas markets, making a thriving business.Xiao Jianxin, chairman of Zhuzhou Yindan Agricultural Products Co., LTD. : “In 2021, the sales revenue of preserved pine eggs and salted duck eggs will exceed 100 million yuan, and more than 50 jobs will be provided.In 2022, we will focus on special industries, cultivate, develop and expand, and provide safe food for the people.”In the summer of 2021, Zhuzhou was hit by the novel coronavirus outbreak, which affected the production and operation of many agricultural enterprises.Zhuzhou Hongwei Agriculture Company, spogin town songxizi, face the challenge, choose to expand the industry, introduce a mechanized camellia oil production line, spogin town, 5 tons of camellia oil.Zhuzhou Hongwei agricultural comprehensive development Co., LTD. General manager Peng Wei: “we won the honor of the national rural culture and tourism expert, next year we will focus on building camellia brand, our annual output value to reach 10 million.”Less than 2 kilometers away from Hongwei, Yang Tianxu, the head of Moyi Modern Agriculture, was more moved in his memory.Due to the epidemic, the sunshine Rose grape of the company was unsalable, so we finally solved the problem through love purchasing.Yang Tianxu, chairman of Hunan Moyi Modern Agriculture Development Co., LTD. : “We are in Zhuzhou city, moyi salad opened four stores, in the New Year, we want to expand the scale in planting, catering industry we are ready to open branches in Changsha next year.”Enterprise’s development needs the aid of Banks, therefore green zhuzhou pearl river estuary agricultural industry association and the agribusiness bank signed a cooperation agreement, to launch help agribusiness agricultural credit, credit construction of agribusiness eight financial service measures, the facility of 33 presence, construction of 129 administrative villages, 84 to help farmers financial service station, through “the last kilometer” of financial services.Tang Haiyan, Assistant President of Zhuzhou Zhujiang Rural Commercial Bank of HunanZhuzhou Zhujiang Rural Commercial Bank has always adhered to the strategic positioning of “supporting farmers and supporting small businesses”. Centering on the service of “three high schools and four new” and the strategy of “rural revitalization”, zhuzhou Zhujiang Rural Commercial Bank has increased its credit offering. In 2021, zhuzhou Zhujiang Rural Commercial Bank will grant a comprehensive credit of 200 million yuan to Lukou Rural Cooperative, with a loan of 80 million yuan.In 2022, we will devote ourselves to serving agriculture, rural areas, farmers and inclusive small and micro enterprises and contribute our strength to regional economic development.”Lukou District Agricultural Industry Association was established in 2019, and its member units have grown from 65 at the beginning to 102 now.Zhu Shouguan, President of Agricultural Industry Association of Lukou District, Zhuzhou City: “With the attention and support of the District Committee and government, we created the public brand Lukou Youxian in 2021, bringing together more than 100 kinds of famous and special agricultural products in the district.During the epidemic, the association’s member enterprises donated more than 300,000 yuan of anti-epidemic materials and promoted agricultural products for more than 10 member enterprises that had sales difficulties due to the epidemic.In 2022, we will strengthen the promotion of public brand in Lukou Youxian region, promote the member enterprises to develop more quality products, and contribute to the strength of our agricultural staff for Qinglukou.”Reporter Huang Junwen: “At the beginning of the New Year, new farmers will continue to forge ahead on the road of rural revitalization with akagi’s agricultural heart.During the Spring Festival, let us wish all agricultural enterprises flourish and create brilliant future together.”Wu Wennian, Huang Junwen, Wang Peng