Revice: Micai ITO has confirmed that she has COVID-19. Labcovef can no longer be cute

2022-05-01 0 By

As perturbation fans, is the most don’t want their favorite actor, especially on film actors involved during the catch up with the outbreak of the worst period of time, but the reality is so cruel, as Japan’s well-known in the industry, making ITO beauty also unfortunately the effects this time, that would make many fans taken very afflictive,After all, his main role in Kamen Rider Revice is still in production.Micai ITO, a well-known voice actress, announced the sad news via her Twitter account that she had a fever on January 31 and was found to be positive for COVID-19 after undergoing tests at a medical facility.I’m recovering in my own home on doctor’s orders.From now on, they will make efforts to recuperate according to instructions from health centers and experts.I sincerely apologize for causing great worry and confusion to all fans and relevant people this time.The priority will be to ensure the safety of our artists, clients, staff and fans, and to prevent the spread of novel coronavirus infection under the guidance of administrative authorities and medical experts led by the Health Institute.As just posted on the firm’s homepage, mi-ai ITO has been confirmed to be infected with a new corona virus.That is to say ITO will quit her job for a while.To involve the relevant dubbing animation, is influential, but animation is secondary, voice, after all, is a sigh of relief basically completed work, as long as didn’t receive the new notice recently, directly put off, but by far the most serious problem, is also in the mask knight revice do, although it was not an actor,So it won’t affect the filming schedule of the whole crew, but the dubbing work for the core mascot character, Labukov, will definitely be stalled.But considering the original lines can be fu of quantity is not much, so before using again the voice of also do not have what problem, but involves the relevant scenes will reduce, even may be forced to change the script, reduce its plot, to be so, that’s too bad, and infected by this time, at least in 3 to 5 month, during these months,I think Labukov’s gonna be just a holster.However, I still hope that the voice actor can get better as soon as possible and actively return to his work. Of course, I still take my health as the first priority. I hope that he can recover soon and do not leave any sequelae.