“This Lord is very scientific” topped the list with 270,000 words, which is the highest score for hegemony

2022-05-01 0 By

Starting fantasy has always been this way — no amazing work has refreshed the list, only the imaginatively good Apocalypse Forecast is hovering at the top of the fantasy Channel’s bestseller list, which is visually fatigable if you read too much, especially if it’s not updated enough.Finally, today, a new fantasy book “The Lord is Very Scientific” hit the shelves, 200,000 words on the top of the list, can be regarded as the best result of 2022 farming hegemony article.Of course, 2022 is only a month old, and that’s a bit of an exaggeration, haha!Take a look at this fantastic new book.This is a book of the Lord farming for hegemony.In fact, the first attraction of this novel is the title of the book.Judging from the title of the book, we can see that this is a Lord’s article related to science. After reading the introduction, I even feel that the author’s writing is not bad.This is the basic premise of the novel.After the protagonist passes through the alien world, he gets the system and starts scientific farming. In fact, this setting does not realize the counter-routine.But the author’s writing is amazing, and he can still bring fun to the plot.There are a number of occupations in the novel, enough to show the author’s extraordinary imagination, clever combination of magic, swordsmanship and farming, science and technology to revitalize the country’s scientific farming, really the purpose of realistic development throughout the beginning of the story.The novel currently tops the list with 270,000 words, which is pretty much what most novels do on their first day on the shelves, but it’s still remarkable.Therefore, if the author can continue the various advantages of the opening, maintain, BELIEVE that this is a new book worth looking forward to.What do you think of similar novels?