Ice-breaking chip core technology, Tsinghua force, chip equipment into the international head industry

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Chip manufacturing is divided into many processes, including front-end logic chip design, instruction set architecture and other software technologies, and back-end chip exposure, wafer polishing, chip engraving, cleaning and other processes.This requires the support of semiconductor chip equipment.The continuous increase of semiconductor core technology in the United States has brought inconvenience to domestic semiconductor manufacturers, but also made us realize the importance of core technology.”Rome wasn’t built in a day.”Due to the erroneous market economy concept that “manufacturing” is better than “buying,” We have a weak foundation in core technologies such as semiconductor equipment, chip software, and hardware.Therefore need to constantly attack and study.Tsinghua, a well-known university in China, has recently successfully broken foreign markets and technological monopolies in the field of chip packaging. Its 12-inch chemical mechanical polishing equipment (CMP) developed by Tsinghua has been successfully shipped.On January 31, 2022, Huahai Qingke, which is formed by Tsinghua University and Tianjin Government, successfully shipped its 12-inch CMP, which is used in TSV chemical mechanical polishing.It is worth mentioning that chip packaging equipment is only a part of The chip equipment business of Huahai Zero2ker.Previously, Huahai Qingke has expertise in the fields of logic chips, memory chips, large silicon chips and compound semiconductors.Take, for example, the 12-inch wafer thinners coming out in 2021.The smooth shipment of 12-inch CMP will be an important step for CMP to further expand the chip packaging field.The process of chip packaging is briefly introduced. After completing a series of links such as exposure and etching, chip packaging is a key step to determine chip performance and power consumption.Good chip packaging can greatly reduce the power consumption and improve the operating efficiency and performance of the chip through reasonable layout of the chip circuit.As for the silicon through-hole technology (TSV) mentioned above, it is a high-density packaging technology. Compared with traditional packaging technology, TSV technology has the advantages of better electrical interconnection performance, wider bandwidth, higher interconnection density, lower power consumption, smaller size and lighter weight.Compared to the traditional packaging technology, TSV obviously has greater advantages.Therefore, TSV technology is gradually replacing the current mature lead bonding technology, and is gradually accepted by chip packaging manufacturers, is considered as the fourth generation of packaging technology.It is understood that TSV technology is through the filling of copper, tungsten, polysilicon and other conductive materials, so as to achieve vertical electrical silicon through-hole interconnection.At present TSV technology has become a fast developing new technology in electronic packaging technology.The emergence of this technology will greatly improve the power consumption performance of silicon based semiconductor chips proportional to the problem.It is a good news that such an important and promising equipment technology is mastered by us.The 12-inch chemical mechanical polishing equipment of Huahai Zeroecker is favored by international giants, which also shows that the packaging equipment of Huahai Zeroecker has reached the mainstream level of the industry.And Tsinghua university has proved itself once again.The sooner we can overcome one of the core technological challenges, the closer domestic semiconductors will be to becoming self-sufficient in mainstream chips.Talent is the prerequisite for the revitalization of science and technology. I hope tsinghua university, Peking University and other universities can make more contributions to the country and society.It is also hoped that relevant departments can attach importance to the utilization, discovery and retention of talents.For huahai Qingke launched 12 inch chemical mechanical polishing equipment into advanced packaging international head enterprise this matter, what do you want to say?What do you think of Tsinghua University?Feel free to leave a comment below.I am A senior semiconductor technology enthusiast.Follow me, take you to know more about the latest semiconductor information, learn more useful semiconductor knowledge.