Nucleic acid testing for all staff in Hebei province!3. Emergency search

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Gu ‘an County of Langfang city will carry out nucleic acid testing for all residents and friends: In order to effectively protect the health and life safety of the masses, according to the needs of epidemic prevention and control, it has been decided to carry out nucleic acid testing for all.All residents in the county (including permanent residents, temporary residents, floating population, foreign population and other resident groups) within the scope of nucleic acid testing personnel.Sampling time and Place: 7:00, February 11th (Friday) Location: According to the town (park, community) unified arrangement, in the designated place.(1) Residents are requested to make preparations in advance, carry the “information collection code”, and go to the designated sampling point for sampling in an orderly manner according to the organization arrangement of the community and village, so as to ensure that no one is missed.(2) In order to avoid the risk of infection during nucleic acid collection, residents are prohibited from smoking, spitting and other uncivilized behaviors in the process of sampling and queuing.During the collection period, wear masks in a standard manner and strictly implement the requirements of 1-meter line;After sampling, wear a mask and leave the venue according to the specified route.(3) In cold weather, please keep warm and take good care of the elderly and children.People with fever should report to the community (village and street) in advance and go to the county people’s Hospital for nucleic acid collection and treatment according to regulations.Announcement of the Office of the Leading Group for Prevention and Control of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia in Gu ‘an County on 10 February 2022Shanhaiguan District CDC received qinhuangdao CDC forward Liaoning CDC on “Huludao City, Liaoning Province confirmed cases of Wang connected Liu’s letter of assistance.”After investigation and verification, On February 8 11:00-11:30 Liu in the west side of shanhaiguan railway station shunxing dining.Please protect yourself from contact with other people in shunxing Snack Bar during the above period, and immediately report to The Center for Disease Control and Prevention of Shanhaiguan District and your community (village) for control and cooperation.Please do not panic, do not believe or spread rumors, enhance personal protection awareness at all times, complete novel coronavirus vaccination as soon as possible, wear masks properly, maintain reasonable social distancing, observe the prevention and control requirements in public places, and take the initiative to scan and light up the code when going out.Contact number: 0335-5258826 This is hereby announced.Announcement by the Leading Group Office of COVID-19 Response of Lulong County, Qinhuangdao On The Urgent Search for People at risk associated with confirmed COVID-19 casesOn February 8, 2022, Lulong County CDC and Haigang District CDC transferred to the letter of assistance: Liu xx was the secondary contact of Wang xx, a positive nucleic acid test case in Liaoning Province.On February 7, 2022, Liu xx had dinner at Ershi Brother Rou Jia mo Restaurant, Feizi Road, Lulong County.According to the epidemiological investigation results, the following persons are requested to report to CDC immediately after seeing this announcement and implement control measures according to relevant requirements: Persons who ate at Ershi Brother Rou Jia mo Restaurant, Feizi Road, Lulong County, 18:30-19:00, February 7.Please respond positively, do not panic, do not believe rumors, do not spread rumors, always enhance personal protection awareness, wear masks, do not go out if it is not necessary, maintain a reasonable social distancing.In case of concealment and serious consequences, relevant personnel will be investigated for responsibility according to law.Lulong County CDCOn February 8, 2022, Xinji Center for Disease Control and Prevention received the assistance information pushed by Zhengding Center for Disease Control and Prevention, involving one contact person.The track of his activities in Xinji is as follows: Contact Cui xx: around 18:30 on February 6, 2022, he went to xinkai Street fashion style (opposite to the first street convenience market) to have a haircut, and then went to The Mengface Dumpling Restaurant of Yayuan West District (payment time is shown at 19:08);Buy food at 11:38 on February 7, 2022 at the intersection of Longquan Street and Xihua Road, 20 meters west to the North Food Shop;At 11:49 on February 8, 2022, I bought pancakes at the Xihua Road home Donkey Shop.People who have the same time period and track with the contact person should immediately report to the town, community, municipal CDC and municipal Prevention and control Office, and cooperate with the implementation of relevant epidemic control measures.If there is any concealment, once the consequences are caused, relevant personnel will be investigated for responsibility according to law.Citizens, if you have fever, dry cough, fatigue, runny nose, sore throat, loss of taste and smell, conjunctivitis, myalgia, diarrhea and other symptoms, please take personal protection, go to the fever clinic in time, avoid taking public transportation on the way to see a doctor.Please do not panic, do not believe rumors, do not spread rumors, do not create rumors, always enhance the awareness of protection, do “wear masks, one meter of noodles, frequent ventilation, often eliminate, do not gather, use chopsticks”, take the initiative to fully vaccinate the Novel Coronavirus vaccine and booster needle, to protect the health of yourself and your family.Xinji Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters, February 9, 2022