Original god: borage optional how to choose?Is it worth it to recreate a character?

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Fellow travelers hello wow, here is the “collapse three twenty drew new role” the Cat slanting weapons # # the original god (again) with sea Lantern Festival last year experience, sea Lantern Festival awards this year everyone know when live preview, removal of intrinsic rewards of original rock aside, the most attractive place is eight big optional four-star role.Most of the civilian players are very tangled, because there are not many characters, many old characters need to supplement, and new characters want, do not know how to choose.Cat here’s two biggest piece of advice to you, you can consider to choose which role the role of the six life is greater than all, this is without a doubt, whether which role, at the time of reach six life will have the effect of a qualitative change, if you are in the hands of common role but one to six, that will fill your role to six life is undoubtedly the most cost-effective.New characters don’t give a team much of a boost, while a higher rank will increase the team’s overall output by a notch.Two priority line autumn, Xiangling, Yun Jin, three roles line autumn from the open service so far invincible six star water god, hanging water ability is very good, and so far, line autumn and no upper or lower replacement, especially after the high name can greatly improve the overall output of the team.Xiangling is also one of the old roles since the opening of the service. Its strength has been up and down since the opening of the service. Fortunately, xiangling has excellent functional effect and has a high utilization rate in the Deep.Xiang Ling of old players has almost reached full life, and the national team formed by Xiang Ling can still have T0 output before there are too many five-star characters for new players.Yun Jin in addition to the line autumn and Xiangling is the old role, yun Jin is also worth us to smoke a full life, especially for the rock team players, full life yun Jin provides attack speed bonus can undoubtedly improve the overall output efficiency of the team to a certain extent, with a fight or Noel ai have a good performance.If these three characters have full lives, Cat suggests you to choose between Beidou, Chong Yun, and Ningguang. The other roles are not recommended.Are Rain and Zhong Li worth buying?The intensity of sweet rain has been a steady T0, whether mogana or the current popular melt flow sweet rain, are based on sweet rain as the core of the lineup.In the case of not considering the original stone, Cat strongly recommends you to draw a pleasant rain. Pleasant Rain is the only character of the original god who can kill monsters in one arrow in a second with zero life. It is very useful when we explore the big world.However, Gan Yu also has a disadvantage, that is, mobile players are not friendly, easy to be interrupted in the process of aiming, which requires mobile players to pay attention to.Sweet rain in the face of magic water beast performance is difficult to reach other roles, EQ bow and arrow storage force, hit a layer can be said to be a leaf does not touch the body.Jongli’s support status has been reduced due to ignoring shield monsters, but overall, jongli is still a T0 support character.E’s super thick shield and damage buffs, Daichi’s stability control and replenishing damage, make Zhong Li a necessary aid for most of the main C characters.Zhongli has experienced several ups, in fact, most players already have zhongli in their hands, this re-engrave is mainly aimed at the new players into the pit.Novice players are still advised to give priority to the start of the clock away, after all, the shield is still very comfortable for early exploration, compared to several visits to the idol, not losing blood is obviously more cost-effective.In addition is the clock from E skills is the god of mining, a long press E can clean off a wide range of minerals, greatly improve the efficiency of mining (sorry, big sword role) to conclude the sea the welfare of the Lantern Festival with poor compared to the last few, everyone still need, demand to choose optional role according to their own account, out and rain as well.A follow-up yaejo is already on the way, and the party will never lose. For more exciting content, follow Cat’s destruction world