CCTV live, Gu Ailing remaining competition time is determined, do not listen to her mother, but everyone loves her

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Women’s slopestyle and women’s halfpipe freestyle slopestyle will be held at 10 o ‘clock on February 13.Slopestyle final at 9.30am, 14th.Halfpipe preliminaries, feb 17, 9:30.Halfpipe final at 9.30 on the 18th.It is worth mentioning that CCTV will live broadcast Gu Ailing’s competition.Gu Ailing won the gold medal in the freestyle ski big jump, but she won the gold medal by disobeying her mother.Before the third jump, her mother told her to be conservative because the free ski big jump was not her main event, so there was no need to take risks on the difficulty.But Gu may have a strong personality, and she felt she could go for the gold medal even though she had already secured it.The normal jump is also a silver medal, and the adventure is a gold medal. Generally, if the third jump is repeated, it will rarely surpass the previous one, but the adventure may be a gold medal.Gu is very confident and adventurous, so it is natural for her to choose the gold medal.Everyone loves her, look at the quantity and quality of Gu Ailing’s advertising endorsements, worthy of being the king of endorsements last year, gu Ailing’s endorsements can be regarded as the top traffic.And that’s just the endorsement before China became famous. These brands are betting on Gu, who made a name for herself by winning the gold medal in her weak sport, freestyle skiing, big jump, and has since excelled in two other sports.Gu Ailing after the Winter Olympic Games at least doubled the price, these in advance to find her endorsement is to earn big.Gu is not bad at endorsements.Commercially viable, beautiful, smart, young, smart, stylish, learning, patriotic, and athletic.She has a far-reaching influence beyond that of ordinary idol stars. Her social effect is also enormous. She will rewrite the fate of many children and bring them a positive impact.Gu shared her secret, which is to sleep more than 10 hours a night since childhood. Sleep promotes the growth of the body and brain, and is also a time to review all the things you learn every day.Gu Ailing said that is really reliable, with good sleep, too many benefits.And Gu Said that sleeping is also the time to review, so that you can think about your future way out, and reflect on what you have done today.Basketball superstar Kevin Durant has also paid attention to Gu, who is now a rising top athlete and helped China win a gold medal at this winter Olympics. Durant must have been won over by Gu’s strength.Everything about her has become a hot topic of discussion, you may not know, Gu Ailing’s Chinese name is her mother’s memorial to her sister (Aunt Gu Ailing).Her English name is Eileen Feng Gu, which is the English name of her aunt. Feng is her grandmother’s family name and Gu is her mother’s family name.