In 2013, 32 countries paid close attention to the deployment of a “national instrument” in the South China Sea

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Although the South China Sea has been China’s territory since ancient times, its rich oil, gas and fishing resources make it a target for other countries.Not only the neighboring countries in the South China Sea, but also the United States always want to interfere in the South China Sea issue to contain China’s rise.However, with the progress of China’s science and technology and the development of national strength, more and more “national instruments” have been invested in the South China Sea, and China’s protection of national interests in the South China Sea is also increasing.Especially when China deployed in the South China Sea the value of the aircraft carrier “national heavy equipment”, many countries in the world not only expressed close attention to this, there are many countries want to buy China’s technology, The Russian media is outspoken “China’s rise”, then what is the “heavy equipment” caused the world’s attention?As is known to all, the West, fearing that China’s rise will “move their cake”, has been doing everything possible to block China’s development. One of the means they have used is to impose a technological blockade on China.At the beginning of the establishment of new China, due to the needs of the construction of the country, China has a great demand for large-scale engineering equipment, such as dredging rivers, channel excavation, port construction, China is in urgent need of a kind of engineering ship – cutter suction vessel.But at that time, China’s technical strength is very weak, in the cutter suction ship technology is a blank, until 1956, China built the first electric cutter suction ship “Beijing” with the help of the Soviet Union.However, the Beijing can only be used to dredge river channels and cannot meet the needs of large-scale projects in China, such as land reclamation and port construction.In order to build “Tianjin port” as soon as possible, our country decided to import a large cutter suction vessel to foreign countries first, because these advanced technologies are in the hands of European and American developed countries, our country can only seek to import from western countries.In 1966, CCCC Tianjin Waterway Bureau introduced the world’s most advanced self-propelled scraper suction vessel “Jin Hangjun 102” from the Netherlands at a price of 1.7 million pounds (equivalent to 4 tons of gold). This ship not only helped China’s port construction, but also provided experience for China’s dredging equipment manufacturing.In the 1970 s “three years to build the port” period, the pay day shipping board on a large number of construction project, make our country’s modern dredging business got rapid development, but at the moment, although pay day shipping board has 28 ships in all kinds of dredger, dredging vessels are still in China mainly depend on import, the technology is also subject to the conditions of developed countries.In 1985, China Jiaotian Shipping Bureau also imported from Japan a dredging 2,500 cubic meters per hour cutter suction ship “Jin Hangjun 215”, which was the largest modern cutter suction ship in China at that time.Based on the digestion and absorption of “Jinhangjun 215” technology, the cutter suction dredger “Jinhangjun 216” was successfully built for the first time in China.But this is just a medium-sized cutter-suction dredger, still cannot meet the requirements of the construction of our country, and the technology of cutter-suction dredger mainly come from foreign countries, the industry’s advanced technology and equipment have also been western monopoly, dredging equipment in our country is still limited by the developed countries, they are not only random issued a “day price” demands that we “pay”,And laughed at our inability to build our own dredger.In the early 2000s, Shougang Planned to move to Caofeidian, Tangshan, but had to reclaim land from the sea to meet demand, according to media reports.In 2003, CCCC tianjin Waterway Bureau started construction of a large cutter dredger, as importing large dredgers from abroad would delay Shougang’s relocation plan.Initially, the navigation bureau hope in cooperation with the Netherlands manufacturers pay day, use the other side of the technology of large ground building, after preliminary discussions, each other on the price of 300 million, China hopes that the other party to the price of 500000 euros at that time, but the Netherlands, after receipt of the price reduction request, not only does not reduce the price, but also increase the price by 5%, seems to be identified China cooperate with them only a choice.This move instead “stimulate” in the day aviation bureau, the relevant leaders, engineers decided to “put aside” foreign, independent research and development design of Chinese people’s own cutter suction dredger.In 2006, under the efforts of the Chinese scientists, engineers, our country the first ship with completely independent intellectual property rights of large ground of modern “days lion” delivery, not only cost only half of imported vessels, also broke the monopoly of foreign technology, completely opened China’s independent design, build large dredging equipment.”Map Editor” Sky Whale This year, a larger cutter suction dredger project “Sky Whale” project also began planning.Whale originally, the “day”, by the German VOSTA LMG company to carry on the design, but after a comprehensive analysis, the engineer found that the foreign design scheme, the scarcity of displacement, speed prediction also has a big mistake, but because the contract has been signed, the foreign party that our country can’t solve the problem by themselves, build the whale “day”,Put forward to us extremely harsh modification conditions – the core is to add money.Moreover, after the Germans came to China for field investigation, they also asserted that it was impossible to build a large cutter suction dredger with China’s technological capability at that time.In the end, we did not agree to the conditions of the foreign side, but by the Shanghai Jiao Tong University ship design team to redesign the “Sky Whale”, and finally built the “Sky Whale”, with its strength “severely hit the German face”.Whale from a performance point of view, “day”, reamer power up to 4200 kw, suitable for all kinds of sea state large dredging projects, the assembly of the three high mud pump, to be able to dig up the sediment discharge to 6 kilometers place, the project of reclaiming land from the sea, the excavation of sediment per hour can fill up a standard football field crater size, half a metre deep.Crucially, the Ship has the ability to navigate autonomously, without the need for tugboats to reach any desired area, greatly increasing the flexibility of dredging equipment.Moreover, “Tianjing” can operate under the condition of 8 level wind and waves. It can not only enhance the safety factor of the project, but also reduce the pollution of the Marine environment. It was the self-cutting-suction dredger with the dredging capacity ranking first in Asia and third in the world at that time.In simple terms, skywhale can sail to designated waters, use its sharp reamer to break up hard rocks and reefs, and transfer silt to a designated spot several kilometers away, creating an island that can be built much faster than traditional land reclamation.In 2010, the Ship was officially delivered and participated in the construction of Fangcheng Port in Guangxi Province, testing its ability to dig in harsh environments.In 2013, the Sky Whale set off for operations in the South China Sea, with the eyes of the world watching its every move.According to media reports, the intelligence agencies of the United States and some Asian countries are closely monitoring the “Sky Whale” in the South China Sea, because these countries believe the “Sky Whale” can “redraw” the territory and borders of the South China Sea, and can work around the clock without sleeping.Indeed, during its 200-day operation in the South China Sea, the “Sky Whale” has blown more than 10 million cubic meters of sand to fill eight small islands, including Mischief island, Yongheat Island, Yongxing Island and Subi Island. Its powerful capacity has earned it the nickname “map editor” on the Internet.These had barely catch the island, which has become the big island to the construction of the airport, can provide our strong logistics support, helping the Chinese people’s liberation army (PLA) to continue towards the deep blue, at the same time, our country further enhance control of the south China sea are, let neighboring countries can’t easily “idea” of the south China sea.Media reports show that 32 countries around the world are paying close attention to every move of China’s “Sky Whale”, Russia saw the “Sky Whale” powerful ability, but also said “China really rise”;When the Japanese saw the “Sky Whale” after the island-building ability, but also want to rent or buy from China, but this “national treasure” how can we easily show people?As early as 2017, China’s Ministry of Commerce listed the “Sky Whale” and other large dredgers into the list of export control, and no unit or individual is allowed to export without permission.In 2020, “Sky Whale” also won the “National Science and Technology Progress Special Prize”, which shows the “Sky Whale” contained in the science and technology content and its great contribution to China.Although “Sky Whale” as a national important instrument, can not be exported at will, but this does not mean that “Sky Whale” can not “go abroad”, in fact, with the “Belt and Road” promotion, “Sky Whale” has gone to Africa, Many Countries in Europe to participate in port construction and other major projects.Media reports show that the “Sky Whale” is currently operating in Kenya’s northern waters, helping to build a large port, Lamu Port.Statistics show that the lamu port will create 7,000 jobs for Kenya and contribute 1.5% of GDP. Therefore, “Sky Whale” is also of great significance in helping developing countries develop.Dubbed “Map editor”, “Sky Whale” is no longer The largest cutter-suction dredger in China, as “Tian Kun”, which officially launched its maiden voyage in 2019, has overtaken it to become the “First in Asia”.In 2015, “Tian Kun” officially started construction, which is China’s first truly designed and built by China’s own large-scale self-cutter suction ship, industry insiders believe that its core equipment is no less difficult to build than domestic aircraft carriers.”Tian Kun” production design process is difficult, but after more than 3 years of technical breakthroughs, “Tian Kun” gradually overcome a number of problems, but also the application of China’s independent design, the world’s leading automatic intelligent mud control system, can control the amount of dredging according to the construction schedule.Data shows, “day Kun” reamer rated power 6600 kw, can dredge 6000 cubic meters per hour, almost reached the whale “day” double – an hour can fill up a 1 m deep, the size of the pit, a standard football field image point, filled with a “day Kun” mining “water cube”, as long as six and a half days.And, “Day Kun” the largest dig depth up to 25 meters, can blow silt to 15 kilometers away from the designated location, the data are more than “Day whale”, become worthy of the name of the “First in Asia”, its long-distance transport capacity is the world’s first.In 2019, Tiankun was recognized by the state as the second outstanding ocean project.It is said that “Tian Kun” in the launch not on, went to the South China Sea for land reclamation field test, its powerful blowing capacity did not disappoint, with the cooperation of other engineering ships, only a few weeks to build a small island, blowing speed is far faster than other dredgers.In addition to its impressive presence in the South China Sea, Tiankun has also assisted in a number of construction projects in China.In August 2021, Tiankun completed water blowing tests and all preliminary preparations, and will soon be put into construction of the coastal port dredging project in Yancheng, Jiangsu Province.According to the plan, The “Tiankun” will blow sand to the designated location 15 kilometers away, which is the first time the “Tiankun” will challenge the country’s longest ultra-long row since it was put into operation.Kun on September 6, “day”, formally started, according to media reports, the “day Kun” to dredging 19.34 million cubic meters of sediment, the harbor basin and channel dig to 15 meters, for ordinary dredger dredging nearly 20 million cubic meters in the short term is impossible, but for Kun “day”, this is just “shelters.With the help of “Tiankun”, the binhai Port large ship project is in smooth progress. The project is expected to be completed and put into operation by April 30, 2022, opening up a new transportation channel for natural gas supply in Jiangsu, Anhui, Henan and other places, optimizing the energy structure in East China and helping to achieve energy conservation and emission reduction.However, according to the relevant person in charge of group of dredging, whale “day”, “day Kun” large dredger main job site or abroad, they have successively undertook the spit of penang Malaysia brown, st. Petersburg, Russia, Hong Kong, the port city of Sri Lanka and so on many “neighbourhood” all the way along the key project of the construction of port and waterway engineering.And the reason why we can often win in international competition, is because we have “Tian Kun” such a core competition “weapon”, the Marine geography of these countries is more complex than domestic, more need such “special equipment”.It has taken nearly two decades for the Chinese to go from being “stuck in the neck” by foreigners to leading the world, but it is not enough.Although “Tian Kun” has reached the level of “No.1 in Asia”, its retractor power ranks only the third in the world. At present, the rated retractor power ranks the top two in the world respectively “JDN8069” and “LBN BaLLuLa” of Belgium Yandenuo Company, and “Tian Kun” still has a certain gap with them.It only took foreigners decades to achieve the achievements, we do need to catch up with a certain amount of time, this is also understandable, I believe that in the near future, we will see our dredging industry equipment, technology to a more leading position.