“Shanxi Health Code” + “Tonglu Pass”, Datong city to build a regular “electronic fence” for epidemic prevention and control

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To give full play to the big data applications in disease prevention and control of the key role, woven tightly fastened the normalized epidemic prevention and control of “electronic fence”, city do continue to strengthen epidemic prevention and control “in Shanxi Province health code” using the management “with the road”, by actively promoting health code “” shanxi accurately assign code, decoding, timely optimization system function with the road,The city has carried out classified management of people entering and returning from epidems-affected areas to facilitate regular epidemic prevention and control in a scientific and targeted manner.To further play “shanxi health code” logo hints and limiting flow effect, screening in a timely and accurate control of high-risk areas into the same return dowa other high-risk personnel, epidemic prevention and control for coordination, epidemic prevention and control the member units, with road traffic in the bayonet, station, airport by setting up publicity board, roll up positive propaganda guidance,Ensure that people who come and return to China download the Alipay APP at the first stop, fill in the information and register for personal “Shanxi Health code”.According to the code assignment principle, “Shanxi Health Code” shall be assigned with three colors of “red, yellow and green” in accordance with different epidemic prevention and control risks in Shanxi Province, and corresponding epidemic prevention and control service measures shall be implemented for relevant personnel according to the assigned colors, and health code status shall be timely adjusted according to the changes of epidemic risk and dynamic management shall be implemented.In order to ensure the smooth implementation of health code control, the municipal Epidemic Prevention and control Office set up a special class for health code control and control, and took the initiative to publicize the health code consultation telephone number to timely explain the epidemic prevention and control policies and eliminate the public’s doubts.At the same time, a variety of ways to explain the work of coding and decoding, and actively respond to the concerns of the masses.During the epidemic prevention and control period, the municipal Office of Epidemic Prevention and Control reported the information of the city’s coding and decoding personnel as soon as possible, and the functional module of coding and decoding built by the provincial Office of Epidemic Prevention and Control through the information platform implemented the classification management of coding as soon as possible.At the same time, the provincial Office of Epidemic Prevention and Control will assign codes to the information of people who enter, return and assign codes pushed by the communication data platform according to the rules and send the codes to the Municipal Office of Epidemic Prevention and Control in time for investigation and control. After verification, the information will be submitted to the municipal Office of Epidemic Prevention and Control for classification transcoding.For those who entered and returned from the first destination and those at risk who need to be checked, the county and district EPIDEMIC Prevention and control offices uploaded the coding information immediately and completed the coding after the verification by the municipal Epidemic Prevention and Control Office.When the control period expires and the requirements for decoding are met, the county and district prevention and control offices shall sort out and submit the information, and the decoding will be automatically verified by the municipal Office of Epidemic Prevention and Control.For those who are incorrectly assigned codes or who fail to change green codes in time, the staff of each county, town (street) and village (community) shall immediately report their isolation status and negative nucleic acid test reports to the local Epidemic Prevention and Control Office, which shall be reported to the Municipal Epidemic Prevention and Control Office for verification after verification, to ensure the completion of decoding within 24 hours.It is understood that since the health code assignment started on March 3, the city has assigned 5,238 red codes, 18,164 yellow codes and 9,990 decoded people, all of which have implemented classified control.Since March 3, a self-developed tonglu information collection system has been put into operation at 84 traffic checkpoints, including airports, railway stations, high-speed railway stations, bus stations and highway intersections, in order to better control the entry and exit of the epidemic and fully grasp the information of people entering and returning from the same route.After continuous optimization and upgrading of the system, the county, township and sub-district can log in to the “Tonglu Tong” system to check the information of people coming and returning to and from the area under their jurisdiction, which provides rapid and powerful support for the comprehensive screening of people coming and returning from epidems-related areas and the implementation of accurate screening and control measures.Up to now, the city’s bayonets have generated 248,000 data of people coming and returning with them;From March 13 to 22, an average of 1,200 people came and returned from high-risk areas and cities where the epidemic occurred every day, 65 of whom were assigned red code and 9,029 were assigned yellow code.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn