Spring brings talent to star City here

2022-05-03 0 By

Huasheng online On February 10 (reporter Li Kunli correspondent Li Chaoyang Eurasian qi) after the Spring Festival is not only the peak of talents seeking jobs, but also the golden period of enterprises.Just after the Spring Festival holiday, Star City Changsha launched a number of New Year recruitment activities, whether online “cloud recruitment”, live recruitment, offline recruitment teams, interviews and talks…A variety of recruitment forms help Star City “attract talent”.(” Live broadcast with guard “activity of Cloud Employment Meeting.”We offer a lot of positions. For example, management positions include general manager of subsidiaries, purchasing director, finance minister, etc. The annual salary of general manager of subsidiaries can be more than 1 million yuan.”Zhu Linfang, hr department of Broad Technology Group, introduced the recruitment plan and benefits of the group in front of the camera of “Live show with posts” at the second “Strong Provincial capital · To the Future” Employment Meeting of Changsha city on February 8th.The cloud employment fair released 547 recruitment enterprises, 104,477 job information, most of the recruitment units are well-known leading enterprises in Changsha, recruitment positions both high-level management positions, but also skilled workers, general engineering and other technical positions.Yunping will break the traditional recruitment mode, from February 8 to March 7 will hold 20 consecutive “live with post” activities, each invited 3 or 4 high-quality enterprise representatives, with “enterprise show + post display + real-time delivery + interactive question and answer + interpenetration propaganda” way, to create a new interactive platform for enterprises and job seekers.In the first live broadcast on Feb 8, companies including Broad Technology Group, BYD and Weisheng Group brought Spring Festival greetings and offered annual salaries of up to 1.2 million yuan.It is reported that on March 5, there will be an offline interview meeting in Changsha talent market to organize recruitment enterprises and job-seekers who have reached the intention to carry out offline centralized interview negotiations.In the “cluster” of enterprises in Changsha economic development zone, the Spring Festival recruitment is also a scene of full swing.Online job fair of Changsha Economic Development Zone.According to statistics, in 2022, the talent demand of Changsha Economic and Development Zone is 28,500, among which, there are about 1,300 high-end talents, 1,100 operation and management talents, 2,400 skilled talents, 4,200 graduates and 19,500 front-line production workers.During the “New Year recruitment month” in February, changsha Economic development Zone plans to arrange 21 job fairs and hold online job fairs, with 313 enterprises expected to provide 28,500 jobs.In the first recruitment activity of ECONOMIC development Zone on February 8, 65 enterprises participated in the recruitment activity, providing more than 5,800 positions such as mechanical engineer, hydraulic engineer, welding engineer, process engineer, algorithm engineer, sales, welder, general engineer, etc. A total of 781 resumes were received online and offline, and 463 people were reached.(Changsha talent flexible employment service platform was put into operation.It is worth mentioning that in this year’s Spring recruitment activities, Changsha talents flexible employment service platform was officially launched.The platform makes full use of the basic service capabilities of Changsha city’s “super brain” and Changsha talent big data platform, and focuses on solving the problems of high labor costs, difficulty in recruitment and high personal tax burden in scattered employment scenarios of traditional enterprises and various Internet platforms.