The Lakers beat the Blazers by 5 points in the western conference play-off battle for comic relief.

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A word for the lakers’ matchup with Portland in the western Conference play-off playoff between the ninth-10th seed is “chicken peck.”Covington missed wide open shots, Monk and Stanley Johnson responded with shots, Anfane Simmons just had an inexplicable turnover, Westbrook threw the ball back into possession, Monk missed two clutch free throws, McCollum immediately followed up and missed one.I don’t know whether both sides want to win or not, but as a comedy effect of Chinese New Year, it’s really full.Although both are vegetable chicken, these are two completely different vegetable chicken.The Blazers lack strength, while the lakers lack brains.In fact, although the blazers today the whole of a variety of explosive moments, but their battle thinking, has been very clear.Defensively, the Blazers are aware of their size limitations, and if they play defense with their normal posture, they will be overwhelmed in the paint by Brandon’s talent.So they started off with a mismatched defense, with Covington at the no. 4 on the first line and Nurkic at the no. 5 on Stanley Johnson.The upside is that Nurkic can ignore Stanley Johnson, who can’t shoot, and crouch in the paint to strangle Davis in the post in a two-on-one situation.Even if Stanley Johnson was taken down by Lakers coach Tony Vogel, the Blazers’ defense still had the advantage of going straight to the zone, building a wall inside that made it difficult for Johnson to get a few defenders to close him down in the paint, giving him no easy one-and-one opportunities.As for the cost of defending the zone, those wide-open shots, the Blazers said that with their third-worst defense in the league, they had done a better job of guarding the paint than they could do at both ends.Those wide open 3-pointers on the outside, all of them are sent by Chris, and they are your lakers’ skill, and we are resigned to them.As it turned out, the Blazers were successful defensively, holding the lakers to just 32 points in the paint after averaging 47.5 points per game, even beating the lakers on two rebounds, and getting wide open looks on the perimeter that the lakers couldn’t handle except for Carmelo Anthony.On the offensive end, the Blazers actually played very clear.They knew the Blazers wouldn’t stand a chance if they attacked the lakers the way they usually do, by running pick-and-rolls with Jusuf Nurkic and attacking their center.That’s because the Blazers are going to go after One of the best big men in the NBA.So the Blazers switched to lakers defensives Monk and Carmelo Anthony, and even though the perimeter trio habituously played pick-and-rolls with Nurkic, they didn’t attack him, giving him the ball and letting him eat in the paint.But the ideal is rich, the reality is thin, even though the idea of the offense is clear, the Blazers’ offense today is a comedy.Why is that?Because the players are out of form or not strong enough.Portland’s second master, today’s big master McCollum, and the opposite westbrook wolong phoenix, no matter who is standing in front of them, all can’t play, after a dazzling dribble, into a random shot.Also, the Lakers weren’t stupid enough to watch the Blazers mess around with Carmelo Anthony and Monk. They had help, and because of that, the Lakers missed some wide-open shots from the outside. Covington was Portland’s no. 1 shooter, going 0-for-6 from the field and scoring zero points.What’s more, the Blazers’ reserves don’t really see players like Dennis Smith, Eric Ellerby, and Walter Watford coming on the court and making turnovers on the fast break and missing baskets. Are these really NBA-level players?Generally speaking, with the caliber of players the Blazers have today, teams can be held tight in the first half.But facing the Blazers today are the Lakers, a top team from the head down.The lakers today without brain show in two aspects, one is the zone don’t know how to break, almost 48 minutes of defense, leng barely have a tapping on the weakness of defense, can only rely on heavy eyebrows elder brother ten will hand down inside, 2 it is to see not clear on the situation, the third quarter at first thinks he is clever ground Howard, want to use the twin towers area to crush the blazers,But it almost cost the lakers the victory.As mentioned earlier, the Blazers’ best offense, the pick-and-roll, had no advantage when they were switched on by Russell, but Howard’s entry directly upset the balance of the game.Howard can’t get out of the pick-and-roll. Putting him in front of Portland’s small pick-and-roll offense is like watching McCollum, Anfany Simmons, and Powell practice open shots.Howard started the second half for six minutes, and the Blazers’ offense, which had been out of sorts in the first half, suddenly turned the game on its head, hitting open 3-pointers from the outside.Fortunately, Lakers coach Vogel knows how to correct mistakes in time, see Howard’s effect is not good, immediately abandoned, re-switch to the fifth station of the small lineup.What’s more, in a game full of comedians, the Lakers have at least two decent guys in carmelo Anthony and Meweyebrows.The former play well, is the Blazers give enough face.Keep a lot of defense because of the blazers, leakage to the Anthony lots, the open shots and carmelo Anthony just have a grasp of all these scoring opportunities, in addition, even if the blazers normal man-to-man, defending Anthony and height is only 1 meter 93 Powell, elder brother in the face of such dwarfs, naturally a singles JueXue show their life.As for the latter, the pioneers can only sigh that talent can really do what it wants.Defensive tried even if the blazers, heavy eyebrows elder brother people inside, still scored 30 points, 15 rebounds, including for the second time, continuous fly up in the crowd off offensive rebounds, a group of defensive Dui, cause and damage, the lakers against the heavy eyebrows brother heroics, win the game.They won the play-off standings, but if they continue to play like this, the lakers’ crisis is hardly over. Remember, the lakers have the third-most difficult remaining schedule in the league, and nothing is over yet.