Those classics in A Chinese Odyssey 2 have not changed

2022-05-03 0 By

A Chinese Odyssey two of those have not changed the classic western Odyssey 2 to date has been running for 20 years, say the mid-term changes a lot of version, whether character set or mainstream style, many have changed beyond recognition, even for some old players, if they dare to afk among a few years back,You absolutely need a search engine to keep up with the current iteration.But is the so-called change things also have the same thing, a Chinese Odyssey 2 set some of the classic content can never changed, first update time is updated every Thursday for so many years, although said early Thursday update version in order to make timely iteration, to compare to the arrogance of plugins to hit.But now the habit has gradually, so that now update every Thursday, more just for the sake of a maintenance, and the other for a Chinese Odyssey 2 this game, there are a lot of way to trade players outside the offline trading, online is safe on the cabinet of the hidden treasure auction houses and stall mode.But for the auction house, the stall mode is the classic players like the most, and even a lot of players said that they like to visit stalls every day, although every time to visit stalls is not necessarily to buy anything, but there is always a temple fair feeling.Can say after so many years of development, a Chinese Odyssey of 2 stalls mode has become a habit and tradition, and finally a set of a Chinese Odyssey 2 also has not changed, that is in Dan system, this is a very classic game, especially in the three Dan system of this play, in today’s loved by the players.Although the current inner Dan is not as good as the awakening skill, it has an important position in the mind of players due to its classic gameplay and resistance matching. However, it does not rule out that the inner Dan may be strengthened in the future, which may lead to a new wave of kr gold trend.