What does it mean to be a double first-class university

2022-05-03 0 By

Nowadays, Chinese universities no longer need to talk about the size and quantity, the number of students they train and the employment destination. Instead, they should focus on efficiency, quality, students’ ability and creativity.Especially after quite a number of colleges and universities changed from specialized universities to comprehensive universities in the past, the overall quality of running schools has been declining.The reason is that comprehensive universities need to develop in an all-round way, so the discipline construction will become huge and scattered, and the specialty is not strong.On the contrary, the strength of the past is no longer a strength, and even no longer a weakness, because the school strength scattered, investment is not concentrated.Throughout China’s universities, comprehensive strength is strong comprehensive strength.Through transformation, consolidation, and even patchwork, comprehensive universities are only nominal and their capacity is declining rather than rising.To promote the construction of “double first-class” means to build more first-class disciplines while building first-class universities.In particular, universities with weak comprehensive strength and strong specialties should take the construction of first-class disciplines as their main goal and strive to establish one or two leading disciplines and specialties.Then, the status and influence of universities can be greatly enhanced, thus avoiding the pattern of obsolescence.I will not get lost, welcome to follow the comments and discussion.Your interaction is my greatest source of motivation!