Can’t see China and Russia side by side?The US is playing tricks with new concepts, only to be countered by Putin

2022-05-04 0 By

China and Russia have always been good partners in cooperation. They have very good cooperation in many fields, whether it is economy or military. The relationship between the two sides is beyond ordinary Allies.The more China and Russia cooperate side by side, the more uncomfortable it will be for some extreme western politicians who regard China and Russia as “rivals”. In particular, US President Joe Biden has been targeting China and Russia since he took office, and even enlisted his own Allies to suppress the development of China and Russia.Asked if he was concerned that Russia and China are getting too close, Biden said On Thursday (local time) that there is nothing new in that.However, on February 5, the US House of Representatives passed the so-called “America Competes Act of 2022”, which is full of china-related issues.Released the new concept of tricks for the United States, China, of course, will give the corresponding response, February 7, I, said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman Zhao Lijian the marking content is filled with the cold war mentality and zero-sum concept, that undermines China’s development path and the internal and external policies, advocating to carry out the strategic competition with China, Taiwan, xinjiang, hong kong-related, Tibet and other issues.China is firmly opposed to this.This act once again exposes the US’s bullying and bullying behavior. It runs counter to the trend of The Times and the popular aspiration of the world to seek peace, development and cooperation. It will only undermine the INTERESTS of the US.In addition, the United States has been fixated on the Taiwan issue, frequently interfering in China’s internal affairs, and American government officials have made inappropriate remarks in public for many times. At this time, Russian President Vladimir Putin directly attacked the United States.Putin visited China on February 4.The two heads of state held talks in Beijing and attended the opening ceremony of the 24th Winter Olympic Games.The two countries then issued a joint statement, in which Russia said it reaffirmed its adherence to the One-China principle, recognized Taiwan as an inalienable part of The Chinese territory and opposed “Taiwan independence” in any form.