Chinese photographer breaks discrimination by posing in New York’s Times Square

2022-05-04 0 By

According to local media on January 26, Chinese photographer Luo Bing’s work is on the big screen in New York City square, and it has caused a lot of discussion.There are three female models in this photographic work, respectively are yellow, white, black, in the photo of the three models close embrace, and show the beauty of different women.Titled “All in Love,” photographer Luo Bing said that in his opinion, beauty and elegance should be synonymous with All women, regardless of skin color, and people of different races, dark or light, should blend together like a color palette.Chinese photographer Luo Bing’s “All in Love” is on display in New York’s Times Square to perfectly demonstrate how to tell a good Chinese story, which is aesthetic.The yellow model in Luo Bing’s work is Chinese. Obviously, she is not “squinting eyes”, nor “advanced face”, but she shows the beauty of Oriental women.The photo shoot, which was completed around November last year, didn’t make much of a splash in China, but a picture hanging in a New York City square is a perfect example of how to tell a good Chinese story by shattering western stereotypes of Asians with “narrow eyes” and “flat noses”.The photography is titled “All in Love”.Both love and aesthetics should be diversified, instead of attacking others with stereotypes containing discriminatory thoughts.Recently, Chen Man, a Chinese photographer, became popular with her and the Dior brand she cozyed up to for her ads that pandered to Western tastes and discredited Asian images.In her photos, models wear somber makeup and have their eyes made up to look like “squinting eyes,” a symbol of western ugliness of AsiAn-Chinese appearance.Not only Chen man’s works, but also the “Three Squirrels” and Mercedes Benz advertisement photos.The Chinese models in Luo Bing’s photography works are gentle and comely, both appearance and makeup are very in line with the current aesthetic.Some netizens commented that this is not going to shoot!Today, many Americans have come under fire for discrimination that extends beyond skin color, even when wearing Asian-style makeup.Ariana Grande posted A new photo on her social media platform, but she was mocked by foreign users for looking like an Asian girl. In the photo, Grande’s pink is lighter, her eye makeup is lighter, and her lipstick is more rosy.After the photos were posted, they were quickly criticized.The clothes they wear and the makeup they wear can only show their preferences. Just like many Asian girls like to wear European makeup, they have not been maliciously commented on. It can only be said that the fourth idea of the West is too deep-rooted, even “our own people” will not let go.A’s previous look was compared to what she had posted on social media.The United States has been holding the slogan of “freedom and democracy”, but there are still deep-rooted discrimination problems in the development of The Times.In western novels, there is an “evil” character named “Fu Manzhou”, whose appearance is crafty and gloomy by using “squinting eyes”. Pulling his eyes into “squinting eyes” is also a sign of insult and repression.At Northwestern University, a man was ejected after he yanked the corners of his eyes at Asian students on the sidelines.A man was ejected from a us university after allegedly pulling the corners of his eyes at Asian students on the sidelines.It may be difficult to leave behind historical problems, but human development so far, reason should “prevail”.Editor/Wen Xin