Foolish head do “wild vegetable soup”, no one like to drink!

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Wild vegetable soup made by a fool.No one likes it.So he began to cook a fried snail.Half an hour later, the students were waiting for a long time, so a went to the kitchen to see what he was doing.The reason was that the snail walked too slowly.Never made it to the pot.According to xiaobian’s understanding, if you don’t like the food when you visit someone’s home, you shouldn’t show it.And the students came to visit the street house.He was angry because he didn’t like the wild vegetable soup he made first.Then the foolish head said that he wanted to make a fried snail for everyone.That’s the end of this cartoon.Take the lead in the exam and feel that the questions on the paper are very difficult.He simply won’t.So he’s talking about how to do it.Results when Liu teacher got the test paper, found that the head in the world did not write at all.Because he can’t do it.Dumbass got another zero on the test.Why are you so happy after seeing the score?Prosperous wealth heard bai Eat village bought a farming helicopter.So he went to find out if it was true!